Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zero to Zed

Wow, I can hardly believe I made it! 26 posts for the 26 letters of the alphabet, all in the month of April. :) 

This little blog of mine truly is such a baby... my first post was November 2010, a short 6 months ago. The month of April really brought so many "new-to-me" things in the blogger world. I was so excited to do my first guest post, was graced with a few blogger awards, and managed to trek it ALL THE WAY through A to Z challenge.

Through the challenge, I "met" so many other amazing writers and bloggers that I will look forward to reading long after the challenge is over. I was also lucky enough to more than double my followers... I am so grateful there are people out there who care to read my ramblings! ;)

I am definitely looking forward to participating in the A to Z challenge every year, and finding other ways to stretch my creativity in writing/blogging. This has been so much fun, and I am glad I decided to participate!

To wrap up this goodbye to the A to Z challenge, here is a clip from last week's episode of The Office. It is so awesome, I promise. :) We'll miss you, Michael Scott.




The journey, the destination, but, are we ever really there? Congrats on zipping up the alphabet so neatly.

Amanda @ Life in bloom

You're a rock star blogger now!! Way to go!


Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left in my blog,am now returning the love,looking forward in reading more of your post.


congrats on making it through the alpahbet! it certainly was a task at times. I'm going to look at some of your other posts now... thank for stopping by to visit me


Congrats! on finishing the A to Z Event. I missed stopping by during the event. Its good to meet you now. I'm already looking forward to next year. Have a great week.


Hi...congrats on completing the challenge..!
Looks like you had fun...

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Your comments make me smile. :D Plus, it's nice to know someone reads my ramblings. ;)

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