Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bestie's Birthday Bash


I know that Day 2 of blog challenge is a smidge early to be cheating ;), but it's just a little cheat, I swear! As mentioned before, we are attending an adult slumber party for one of our best friends this evening. Whenever all of us ladies get together, laughter and silliness always ensues! :) Then add the follies of the children and all of our men and it is SURE to be a night that elicits embarrassing stories, hilarious pictures, and cherished memories. Since we don't technically post for A to Z challenge on Sundays, I am going to cheat just a little and come back tomorrow after our birthday bash to share some of the special moments! :) I mentioned here just how thankful I am for this amazing group of women, and days like today just don't come often enough with the chaos that surrounds all our lives! Both the hubs and I are genuinely looking forward to it, and I am sure I will have lots of fun to share tomorrow! :)

We had a blast, ate too much, stayed up too late, and didn't want to leave! :) The kids had a blast, so did our men, and the cameras were put away once the PJs came out! ;) But here's a few shots of my "who's who" for the evening! :)
Sure do love the Mr!!!

Me and the twin. Isn't she gorgeous?

T and B... besties and fellow bloggers!

The twin and Panda - it was her birthday!

Foxy and her beautiful lil girl

Baby fever! Jackson, Emily, and Brayden all had a great time as well!

**Note: All letter photos are property of Leo Reynolds' photostream!


Tiffani Rose

I am so ready I cannot stand it!! Come on 3 oclock!!!

Summer Ross

an adult sleep over- That sounds terrific, I'm jealous! I hope you have a great time!

Olivia J. Herrell

Sounds like a blast, have fun!

that rebel, Olivia

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