Sunday, April 17, 2011

Naps and Nice Weather

I am a frequent blogger, so keeping up with this A to Z challenge hasn't been too difficult. With one exception... blogging on Saturdays is HARD! ;) Weekends are usually a short couple of days that my husband and I can get in some real quality time (at least until his work schedule slows down a bit), so I find it's hard to sit and spend time behind the computer... I'd rather be with him! So that's what I did yesterday; it's the reason my "n" post is a day late. But I think that's completely okay. ;)

We did  get out and get our grocery shopping and other errands done, but that's about as productive as our Saturday got. ;) The weather was beyond gorgeous, so we grilled out, chilled in the hammock, and just enjoyed the pups and the backyard. Trust me, this hammock is magical. I can't lay in the thing without being pulled into a nap... there's no avoiding it! We did get in a pretty amazing nap, and then D brought his guitar out on the hammock and serenaded me and Dex. Daphne was apparently too good for the hammock yesterday and kept her distance. ;)

We did venture out of the house again to attend a BBQ with some friends, but not before several hours of relaxation and quality time in our hammock :) Definitely an excellent buy! We're looking forward to a summer full of naps and nice weather in our backyard and our hammock... washers and cookouts... friends and family... we sure do love our home!

Today, we are trying our hand at another new recipe... italian beef! It's a friend's family recipe and if it tastes as good as it smells, we are in for a real treat!!! We also got some new patio furniture... that was an adventure all on it's own that I'll share with this week's A&A!



Tiffani Rose

I have to get a hammock when Marco gets his bonus!!! It sounds wonderful!!


Naps in the summer hammock sound like bliss !! Don't feel bad about not blogging Saturdays, its not like your going to get fired !


Angela Felsted

Sounds like a wonderful day.

Jeffrey Beesler

It's a pleasure to meet you from the A-Z Challenge! I know I wasn't thrilled at first to post on Saturdays, but then I turned it around and made the posts for those days more special for my followers. I'll definitely go back to posting five days a week once A-Z is over. But it's been a really fun experience that I wouldn't trade for the world!

M Pax

Trying to get through all the blogs signed up is the hard part. I think it will take me until July. Nice bumping into you :)

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