Monday, April 4, 2011

Chasing away the Crummy Case of the Mondays...

...with some cooking and some chatting. :)

I was originally going to make my "C" post about our trip to the circus, and I will probably wrap this up with a few of my favorite pics from that day... but after today, I am going in a different direction. :)

I was having one of those days today where I just felt so mentally drained, so physically and  spiritually exhausted, so on the verge of tears with every turn. Add to the fact that it was a Monday, I was teaching Kindergarten, the thunderstorms woke me up at 3:30 AM and I was unable to get back to sleep. *le sigh, today was a struggle to say the very least.

BUT, as usual, God always knows exactly what you need to lift those spirits. Luckily, I worked at my bestie's school today and her smiling face was sure to make me feel better. She ordered us lunch (even before knowing what I was dealing with) and invited me to her classroom so we could chat and eat. After allowing me to just let it all out, we hugged it out and went off to finish our day of teaching. As I pulled into my driveway after school, she called to say she had some time before her daughter would be home and asked if I wanted some company while I cooked. AAAAAHHHHH. She looked through a jewelry catalog while I cooked, and we just laughed and chatted away. She just left, and here I am in the BEST mood... a place I was sure I wouldn't see today! :)

I love having amazing women in my life that I can count on. It truly makes such a difference in my life. As much as I adore my husband, those female relationships truly are essential to every woman's sanity. Seriously, pick up the phone right now, and text/call your mama, sister, or bestie and let her know how important they are to you and how much you love them. INVALUABLE, I tell you, INVALUABLE. 

Now, let's end this with a few shots from the circus! It was a great time spent with friends, my sister, and their little ones!



Tiffani Rose

How amazing that your day was able to be turned around!! I love you so very much!! You have become near and dear to my heart!!


Tiff - my life is better and more full with you in it! I love you and your gorgeous family so much! :)

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