Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loser and Legendary

It's Thursday! Besides being that much closer to Friday, it also means time for another edition of *Awkward and Awesome*! In spirit of the letter "L" and today's A to Z challenge, I tried to adjust the "Awkward and Awesome" title to fit the letter of the day. I know it's cheesy, but those are the only 2 "L" words I could find that seemed slightly appropriate! :)


-catching just the right spot on the counter to leave a huge, painful bruise on my hip. right where the waistband of my pants sit. ouch.

-watching my dog, daphne, run headfirst into the glass patio door! awkward for her, totally hilarious to us! in her defense, we have had the screen open for the past 5-6 weeks so she probably wasn't expecting a face-full of glass. ba-ha.

-kinda awesome for me, but totally awkward for the fellow teacher it happened to: a colleague came up to me today and told me a student from another class keeps calling her Mrs. Martinez. :) come on, I am a sub and this teacher is around you every day. it DOES make me feel good, but it wouldn't feel so great if I were the teacher on the other end of that. Plus this teacher is over a foot taller than me and we really look nothing alike.

-spending WAY too much time looking for an outfit to wear today. I was attempting to "mix it up" a little, but after all the effort, I ended up throwing on something safe that I generally wear. I WILL become more style saavy, I WILL!


-napping on our new hammock. oh yeah! 

-new season of deadliest catch! wow, what they do for a living is so dangerous!  I was on the edge of my seat through the entire season premiere. And D is just happy I will watch a show about fishing with him. :)

-a "just-because" gift from a friend. I love ALL things Mary Engelbreit, and she gave me this at work on Monday. :)
-my new hat I found at Ross for $7. I don't really consider myself a hat person, but I loved it too much! I actually have tried it on and put it back on 2 other trips to Ross. I guess 3rd time really is a charm; I bought it this time!



Totally Deadliest Catch nerd right here! My husband doesn't even watch it LOL

Tiffani Rose

We love Deadliest Catch too!! I love the new hat, and I love that the kids you sub for love you so much!! I think I used the word "love" enough for one comment ;)

A Lost Feather

poor Daphne! the glass door and the arthritis! I agree.. Deadliest Catch is pretty exciting to watch.

Thank you so, so much for your prayers :) Boo is feeling better this evening.. the vet gave him some pain medicine, so he thinks he's ok.. it's hard to keep him from running around and all! He's only 3 so, he gets into a lot of mischief.. little monster.


what a fun new hat! i hardly ever wear them but i wish i was more brave and did. :)

A Hootie Hoot

I laughed just thinking of your dog running into the door. Poor thing.

By the way, I just awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award. Please go to to claim your award!


Love me some Deadliest Catch, and love that hat too!!!

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