Monday, April 25, 2011

Usual Undertakings

...better known as "Menu Monday" and "Meet Me on Monday". These aren't "usual" posts just yet, but they will be... starting this week! Check back every Monday for both!
Meet Me on Monday is taking a short break for the Easter holiday, but expect me to be back each week with new MMOM questions to answer!

When I first started blogging regularly, I did a weekly post called "Home Cookin" that shared our meals for the week. This was an attempt to hold myself accountable not only for cooking, but for cooking with healthy, more natural ingredients versus processed foods. I only kept up with that post for a few weeks, but I haven't relented on my original goals - healthy and natural cooking! Now that I am really into the swing of menu planning, I figured I would give this weekly menu post another shot. I feel like I ramble on about my meals for the majority of the week and I don't even know that my readers wanna hear that much about what we eat!! ;) So, in an attempt to get all my "food talk" out of the way and still share my lovely meals with all of you, I will do a post every Monday about our meals from the previous week, complete with pictures! I'll share my opinion of how it turned out, and any modifications I made to the recipe. Please let me know with a comment if there are any recipes you would like! Starting next week, I will link up any of the recipes that can be found online for your personal enjoyment!!

Last week:

Sunday: Italian Beef sandwiches

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: Homemade sausage and veggie pizza

Wednesday: Southwestern Pasta Bake

Thursday: Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Shells

Friday: Kung Pao Chicken (we ate at my parent's - my dad used the wok D and I got him for Christmas to cook for us!!

 On the menu for next week: Spinach, Artichoke, and Tortellini Soup, Chicken w/ Asparagus, and Tettrazini! 



Mmm kung pao chicken! Nice! I love cooking in a wok, it's so fun! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

B's Mom

That wok is AWESOME!


I will be delighted to check in every Monday and get new ideas for meals!

I met you through A-Z,

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