Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Sportsmania!

While I can appreciate some nice competition, I don't think I would necessarily consider myself a "sports fan". Except, of course, when it comes to football. I am a huge NFL fan and fall season (if there is one!) just can't come soon enough! Mine and D's favorite thing to do on football Sundays is to head to our favorite local pub. They have big screens all over so we can keep tabs of every single game! That's super important if you're fantasy football players like we are!

But, I digress. While I don't really enjoy watching sports other than football, attending the games and seeing them live is a completely different experience! It's not something we get to do very often, but apparently Spring 2011 is the season of live events for D and I!

We started our "live game streak" over Spring Break. My in-laws bought hockey tickets for themselves, all of their kiddos (and significant others), and their grandkids. All 10 of us jumped on the Dart rail and headed to the AAC... that was quite the adventure on it's own! The Stars played the LA Kings... and hubby's family is from California. We were a small group of purple and gold surrounded by green. :) The mood leaving the arena was pretty sour... we beat the Stars! 

Cut to this week; Tuesday night. My MIL won 4 free tickets through a raffle for a Mavs playoff game! How exciting... back to the AAC we go! :) Again, our team won (Go Mavs!). I asked my FIL, "So you mean we are going to a sports game in Dallas and actually cheering for the home team?" That never happens! It was such a high energy game - the lead kept going back and forth, but the Mavs pulled it out in the end!

What I am super excited about, though, are our Rangers games coming up! First, we will be going to see the Rangers vs. Angels on May 15th with David's entire family again. Here's another example of us going to a game and cheering for the other team... the in-laws are Angels fans! I don't know about that one - I am pretty sure we will be a house-divided on that day! We also have plans to see another Ranger game with friends on May 28th, and tickets to go with D's co-workers on June 8th! The work game will be fun... we always bring washer boards, ladder golf, and snacks so we can set up and tailgate for awhile before the game!

Now if we could somehow score NFL tickets without putting down cash equivalent to a mortgage payment, we would be all set! ;)

Speaking of sports... any local horse-racing fans out there? This Saturday, April 23rd is Dollar Day at Lonestar Park in Grand Prairie. Free parking, $1 programs, $1 hot dogs, $1 popcorn, $1 sno-cones, and $1 adult beverages. :) D and I usually go every year - it is SOOOOOO much fun! I am unable to attend this one, but I am looking forward to June 10th when they do it again!


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