About Us

Welcome! This is a blog about my life... everything from my journey to live a healthy lifestyle, to good times with my man and family, and whatever other crazy things happen along the way! You will hear lots about the pups and the hubby. :) Here is a little about us!

This is a picture of our first official "date" on July 28, 2004. 
He took me to the Fort Worth Zoo. :)

Apparently all those things you hear are true... "the one" comes along when you're not looking and when you least expect it. :) I was dating someone else at the time, but after our date to the zoo, I knew D was the only one for me.

I had snagged my dreamy musician, 
and I was NOT letting him get away. ;)

David proposed using our sweet girl, Daphne

and this amazing ring on December 28, 2007

We were married on September 6, 2008

Since then, we have added a quirky lil boy, Dexter, to our family, 

enjoyed many concerts together,

had many late night karaoke sessions in the living room,

celebrated family and holidays... and so much more!

We are so blessed to have each other and the wonderful people that surround our lives. We are so excited to see where life takes us next!

We hope you'll join us along the way!
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