Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WW: Road Trip California

More to come on our trip to California! I am grateful for a "Wordless Wednesday"; I am still getting back into the groove from being gone for over a week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

California, Here We Come

I will be absolutely M.I.A. on blogger until probably about Sunday, 5/29. By the time you all read this me, my hubby, and his family will be road-tripping it to California. It's not exactly a happy trip (we are attending a funeral), but it will be nice to spend quality time with all of them and visit family in California. I will take TONS of pictures and share some of our adventures with you all when I return! In the meantime, please keep us and my honey's family in your prayers... it's never easy losing a loved one. In honor of his family, here is a photo from our wedding day.

 My handsome groom and his amazing family.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Newest Accessories


-Like my newest accessory? ;) I really did know better than to think I could attend a Ranger game in Texas, in May, and not get burned. I knew I needed sunscreen and accidentally walked right on out without it. Trust me, I am suffering for it!

-These bowling shoes from 1915. Women were really expected to bowl in these? They ARE relatively cute in a nostalgic kind of way, but I would SURELY bust it trying to throw a 12-pound ball down the lane in these!! (They were in a display case in the Arlington Visitor Center; kinda cool little place!)

-Dealing with 6th graders. It's too close to the end of the year, and these kiddos are CRAZY! Give me those elementary students ANY day of the week over middle and high school right now. I swear, I leave with a headache EVERY time! It doesn't help that there are thirty kids in every class. THIRTY. 30. thirty. It's like a freakin' cattle drive every class period.


-My actual newest accessories! I l.o.v.e jewelry, and now that my twin sister is selling Park Lane, I am rolling in fun, new bling!!!

 -Adele's version of To Make You Feel My Love. Bob Dylan wrote it, and I even kinda liked Garth Brooks' version, but Adele's version absolutely blows me away. I can't stop playing it over and over again! 

-This one's a little embarrassing ;), but it is what it is and I am excited about it! This Friday, I am going to a local liquor store to meet and have my Skinnygirl Magarita signed by Bethenny Frankel! I can't believe I am admitting this, but I have watched her since she was on RHONY and also watch her show Bethenny Ever After. I LOVE her Skinnygirl Margarita, and can't pass up an opportunity for an autograph and picture with her!! 

What are your Awkwards and Awesomes for the week?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful in My Way

I have never considered myself a Lady Gaga fan. Nothing against any of you who are, she just isn't an artist I have ever been drawn to. I kind of wrote her off as someone looking for that strange attention with her crazy hair and outlandish outfits. But D and I caught the very tail-end of her HBO special and the acapella video below. Wow. I was really amazed at her talent. Watch it.

"I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes...
...don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set... matter black, white, or beige, chola or orient-made,
I'm on the right track, baby, I was born to be brave."

In it's raw version, it's so much easier for me personally to appreciate the good message here. And it's a really good message. 

This spurred an interesting conversation between my honey and I, and he made a comparison I'd (surprisingly) never considered. You'd think with all the hype about Gaga's Born This Way and Madonna's Express Yourself I would have made a connection, but when D mentioned it, it just made more sense to me. ;)

There was a time when "racy" images like this of Madonna made everyone gasp in awe at her audacity to be so sexual. It was SUCH a big deal then, but current generations can look at this without so much as a flush of the cheek. ;) In a time where everything is bigger, more extreme, racier, and previously unheard of things seem less taboo... what else could be born of that except a Madonna-child like Lady Gaga? 

While I may not understand her sense of fashion or desire to even look at it ;), I can see how so many fans look up to her for encouragement to be themselves, even if it means you're different. This is an inspiring message, and being able to express this as a far-reaching musician is a pretty awesome thing. Whether or not I am a fan, I totally respect that. :)

"...there's nothing wrong with loving who you are, 'cause He made you perfect, babe.
so hold your head up, girl, and you'll go far...


Wordless Wed: Rangers Weekend

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sub Stories :)

No, not "sob stories"... sub stories. :) I am constantly surprised at the things that come out of these kids mouths... they are SO funny and imaginative. Here are just a few things that happened this week that kept me smiling. :)

One of the other first grade teachers told me something at lunch today that has had me laughing since! One of her kiddos came up to her and said, "Do you know what is SO COOL about Mrs. Martinez? She speaks Country!"
Wow. I never knew I was bilingual! ;)

This afternoon during dismissal, one of the 3rd graders (who always looks for me in the afternoon to get his hug) was talking to me about the "potato baby" project they are starting.  You know, where they have to take care of a potato as if it were a baby. He randomly asks me, "Mrs. Martinez, don't you ever think about getting pregnant and having children?" Well, yeah. "Well then, do it!!! Do it now!" Ummmmmm, ok? ;) Sure, Jesus, I will let my husband know that he has your official blessing. ;)

The imagination and creativity of these kiddos just blows my mind and never fails to make me smile! On Monday when I came into work, one of the Kindergarten classes had made me birthday cards. They were all SO cute, but here is a picture of my 2 favorites.

I love that me and one of the little girls are watering flowers together, so cute! :P This one with the ladder REALLY cracks me up, though. Is that a birthday cake that's stacked to the ceiling? And does he expect me to climb that HUGE ladder to blow out the candles? Love it!

I did have a good time in Kindergarten this week, but those little ones are just SO emotional! We had several breakdowns the first afternoon over the tiniest things... but those tiny things look so big to a 5-year-old! Then cue the HUGE thunderstorm rolling in 30 minutes before dismissal... apparently all little kiddos are terrified of lightning, thunder, and the power going out! Outbursts of tears were the name on the game that afternoon!

The real bottom line is... I will miss these kiddos SO much this summer! I am not even a full-time teacher, but the kids of this school have completely stolen my heart! I always feel so loved and respected by every single one of them, and I melt every time one of them comes up to hug me in the hall. It really reminds me that teaching is my true calling. I will thoroughly enjoy my summer off, but I PRAY that this is MY year to find a full-time teaching job. I am ITCHING to have my own classroom and my own set off kiddos to fall in love with. :)


Friday, May 13, 2011

A&A Thursday on a Friday

I know this is technically a day late, but that is no fault of mine... we ALL had the Blogger Blues yesterday!!! :)


-Wednesday's episode of Modern Family was AWESOME! Hilarious, as usual, but also a very sweet episode. A couple of my favorite parts were when Gloria was saying how nice she is, even when she has to put on her "sugar jacket" (meaning when she "sugar-coats" the truth, haha) and seeing Phil as the bathroom nazi. GREAT episode! Go to and check it out!

-Getting to leave work 45 minutes early. 
On an Monday. 
Enough said. :)

-This may be a little awkward, but I love it! I have officially become a Scentsy addict. I received one for Christmas, bought another at a recent party, then received a 3rd for my birthday. My house smells amazing all the time, and the pretty warmers really add to my decor!

-It's the last month of school before summer and my subbing schedule is almost entirely full! :) Plus, all of the jobs are at my 2 favorite schools to work at. I am at one of the schools every day this week and a teacher said to me today, "It's like you're a full time teacher here, Mrs. Martinez!" I WISH!!! The secretary also mentioned that IF I didn't end up working full-time in the classroom by Fall, she had a long-term position that she would love to use me for. It's little things like this that make me feel, hope, and PRAY that THIS IS MY YEAR to find a teaching position!!


-Remember Hooty? He died this week. :( I got his chain caught on a file cabinet and walked away, not realizing it. The chain busted and Hooty fell to his demise. I miss wearing my favorite necklace! Luckily, Park Lane Jewelry has a lifetime warranty, so all I have to do is send him back for another.

-All the TEARS on Wednesday afternoon that started once the thunderstorms rolled in. Apparently Kinder kiddos really can't handle it! There were WAY too many breakdowns!!!

-The Kinder kiddos planted different types of beans last week and are watching them grow for Science. One bean must have fermented or something, because a white, gooey substance was bubbling out of it and it made the area by the teacher's desk stink SO BAD. I kept the Scentsy on all day, but it just mixed with the rotten smell and made it worse. I was more than ready to leave that room once the bell rang!!

-A few weeks ago, I changed up my vitamin and medication regimen. I have had a nonstop headache ever since. I can't really change back, and I realize it's probably just my body adjusting to the change in hormones and other things, but I am just so tired of my head hurting. The tension just won't go away, and it is SO draining. Ugh.

I don't wanna end on an awkward, so let's start the weekend off with a photo of me, sis, and a couple of our besties at our birthday dinner! :)


rainy date night

We had a stinkin' monsoon roll through North Texas on Wednesday afternoon. Lord knows Texas ALWAYS needs the rain, and it cools us off a little bit, so I can't really complain. Point is, it was a perfect evening to curl up on the couch with a movie or sit out on the patio and enjoy the rain.

Count on me to throw a wrench in that perfect plan. :)
I'd had a heck of an afternoon with crying Kindergarteners, and I needed to get out of the house! Thanks to some super cheap bowling coupons and a restaurant gift card, my honey and I went on a CHEAP, impromptu date! :)

I only got a few pictures of the evening with my point-n-shoot, but it gives you an idea of what we did on our last-minute night out. :)

My gift card was for OTB. Not my favorite, but their Corona-rita is SO YUMMY! One was more than enough!!

We played SilverStrike Bowling while waiting on our lane. I beat D. :) But he insisted on putting his initials in as PEE. Goofy, goofy man. ;)

Good times!

There's nothing like a cheap night out with your man to give you energy to make it through the rest of the week! :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Mother's Day Weekend

The cutest nephew EVER!!

Granny and Jackson 
Valentine :)

Wendy and Andrew

I love my Dexter!

Meatball :0)

My sweet, sexy musician :)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Stroll Down Memory Lane...

My mom posted the following pictures all over Facebook this past weekend in honor of mine and Sis' birthday on Sunday. It was a great blast from the past, so I thought I would share the pics with all of you! Can you tell which ones are me and which ones are my twin? ;) We definitely looked more alike when we were younger!!

4 months old
3 years old

Kindergarten :)
Sixteen Years Old
Senior Pictures
Our 27th birthday! :)

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