Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sub Stories :)

No, not "sob stories"... sub stories. :) I am constantly surprised at the things that come out of these kids mouths... they are SO funny and imaginative. Here are just a few things that happened this week that kept me smiling. :)

One of the other first grade teachers told me something at lunch today that has had me laughing since! One of her kiddos came up to her and said, "Do you know what is SO COOL about Mrs. Martinez? She speaks Country!"
Wow. I never knew I was bilingual! ;)

This afternoon during dismissal, one of the 3rd graders (who always looks for me in the afternoon to get his hug) was talking to me about the "potato baby" project they are starting.  You know, where they have to take care of a potato as if it were a baby. He randomly asks me, "Mrs. Martinez, don't you ever think about getting pregnant and having children?" Well, yeah. "Well then, do it!!! Do it now!" Ummmmmm, ok? ;) Sure, Jesus, I will let my husband know that he has your official blessing. ;)

The imagination and creativity of these kiddos just blows my mind and never fails to make me smile! On Monday when I came into work, one of the Kindergarten classes had made me birthday cards. They were all SO cute, but here is a picture of my 2 favorites.

I love that me and one of the little girls are watering flowers together, so cute! :P This one with the ladder REALLY cracks me up, though. Is that a birthday cake that's stacked to the ceiling? And does he expect me to climb that HUGE ladder to blow out the candles? Love it!

I did have a good time in Kindergarten this week, but those little ones are just SO emotional! We had several breakdowns the first afternoon over the tiniest things... but those tiny things look so big to a 5-year-old! Then cue the HUGE thunderstorm rolling in 30 minutes before dismissal... apparently all little kiddos are terrified of lightning, thunder, and the power going out! Outbursts of tears were the name on the game that afternoon!

The real bottom line is... I will miss these kiddos SO much this summer! I am not even a full-time teacher, but the kids of this school have completely stolen my heart! I always feel so loved and respected by every single one of them, and I melt every time one of them comes up to hug me in the hall. It really reminds me that teaching is my true calling. I will thoroughly enjoy my summer off, but I PRAY that this is MY year to find a full-time teaching job. I am ITCHING to have my own classroom and my own set off kiddos to fall in love with. :)




Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Happy Birthday.

A Gracious Home

I like your blog. Doylene


I've been a sub for 8yrs and I LOVE it. This is my last year and I'm really gonna miss it. I've worked with grades K - 8th (5th - 8th is my fave age group). And the things they say and do to make me smile...I love it. I'll be praying for you a full time position.


They come up with the craziest things, don't they?

I would LOVE for you to come be a teacher here in our district...which pretty much blows. (No disrespect to you amazing educators out there...we need more of you!)

Debbie Does Designss

New follower here. Visit me at


Kids are so uninhibited--I love it!!! I'm a new follower from Debbie does Coupons a day early (I work tomorrow)

Michele aka MikiHope


You're really are the best. I was a teacher before I stayed home with my baby, and I loved my days at school. Yes, it's not always fun, but the good times do outweigh the bad :)

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