Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful in My Way

I have never considered myself a Lady Gaga fan. Nothing against any of you who are, she just isn't an artist I have ever been drawn to. I kind of wrote her off as someone looking for that strange attention with her crazy hair and outlandish outfits. But D and I caught the very tail-end of her HBO special and the acapella video below. Wow. I was really amazed at her talent. Watch it.

"I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes...
...don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set... matter black, white, or beige, chola or orient-made,
I'm on the right track, baby, I was born to be brave."

In it's raw version, it's so much easier for me personally to appreciate the good message here. And it's a really good message. 

This spurred an interesting conversation between my honey and I, and he made a comparison I'd (surprisingly) never considered. You'd think with all the hype about Gaga's Born This Way and Madonna's Express Yourself I would have made a connection, but when D mentioned it, it just made more sense to me. ;)

There was a time when "racy" images like this of Madonna made everyone gasp in awe at her audacity to be so sexual. It was SUCH a big deal then, but current generations can look at this without so much as a flush of the cheek. ;) In a time where everything is bigger, more extreme, racier, and previously unheard of things seem less taboo... what else could be born of that except a Madonna-child like Lady Gaga? 

While I may not understand her sense of fashion or desire to even look at it ;), I can see how so many fans look up to her for encouragement to be themselves, even if it means you're different. This is an inspiring message, and being able to express this as a far-reaching musician is a pretty awesome thing. Whether or not I am a fan, I totally respect that. :)

"...there's nothing wrong with loving who you are, 'cause He made you perfect, babe.
so hold your head up, girl, and you'll go far...



Amanda @ Life in bloom

Awesome post! I love Lady Gaga! I don't really get, or even appreciate, her crazy fashion and antics, but she usually has a great message!!

I need to see that HBO show!


I have to admit, I like that one.


Although I love "Born this way", I am not fan of the Ga Ga. Please, don't tell my Gay followers. Actually, I don't have many. I think it's the raising kid thing that keeps them away. Anyhow, I thought she was okay until I saw an interview and she didn't even mention Madonna as a role model. And I was like "wtf?" Seriously, she's a mini-Madonna.
Your Friend, m.

anthony stemke

I think Lady GaGa is a tremendous talent.

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