Friday, May 13, 2011

A&A Thursday on a Friday

I know this is technically a day late, but that is no fault of mine... we ALL had the Blogger Blues yesterday!!! :)


-Wednesday's episode of Modern Family was AWESOME! Hilarious, as usual, but also a very sweet episode. A couple of my favorite parts were when Gloria was saying how nice she is, even when she has to put on her "sugar jacket" (meaning when she "sugar-coats" the truth, haha) and seeing Phil as the bathroom nazi. GREAT episode! Go to and check it out!

-Getting to leave work 45 minutes early. 
On an Monday. 
Enough said. :)

-This may be a little awkward, but I love it! I have officially become a Scentsy addict. I received one for Christmas, bought another at a recent party, then received a 3rd for my birthday. My house smells amazing all the time, and the pretty warmers really add to my decor!

-It's the last month of school before summer and my subbing schedule is almost entirely full! :) Plus, all of the jobs are at my 2 favorite schools to work at. I am at one of the schools every day this week and a teacher said to me today, "It's like you're a full time teacher here, Mrs. Martinez!" I WISH!!! The secretary also mentioned that IF I didn't end up working full-time in the classroom by Fall, she had a long-term position that she would love to use me for. It's little things like this that make me feel, hope, and PRAY that THIS IS MY YEAR to find a teaching position!!


-Remember Hooty? He died this week. :( I got his chain caught on a file cabinet and walked away, not realizing it. The chain busted and Hooty fell to his demise. I miss wearing my favorite necklace! Luckily, Park Lane Jewelry has a lifetime warranty, so all I have to do is send him back for another.

-All the TEARS on Wednesday afternoon that started once the thunderstorms rolled in. Apparently Kinder kiddos really can't handle it! There were WAY too many breakdowns!!!

-The Kinder kiddos planted different types of beans last week and are watching them grow for Science. One bean must have fermented or something, because a white, gooey substance was bubbling out of it and it made the area by the teacher's desk stink SO BAD. I kept the Scentsy on all day, but it just mixed with the rotten smell and made it worse. I was more than ready to leave that room once the bell rang!!

-A few weeks ago, I changed up my vitamin and medication regimen. I have had a nonstop headache ever since. I can't really change back, and I realize it's probably just my body adjusting to the change in hormones and other things, but I am just so tired of my head hurting. The tension just won't go away, and it is SO draining. Ugh.

I don't wanna end on an awkward, so let's start the weekend off with a photo of me, sis, and a couple of our besties at our birthday dinner! :)




I've never scene Modern Family but I keep hearing about how funny it is.. will have to check it out! Good for you for all the sub jobs coming in - fingers crossed for a full time teaching job! :)

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