Friday, May 6, 2011

Stress-Free Friday :)

The frequent headaches and jaw pains I've been having lately tells me that I am clenching my jaw again. I don't even realize I am doing it until it suddenly dawns on me how *tired* my cheeks and jaw are from the tension. This probably means I am doing it in my sleep as well. Stupid stress.

So, today it's all about remembering the little stress relievers. ;) 

Random moments in my day that remind me to
 laugh a little, or at least unclench my jaw for a second or two. ;)

-I love the way that music - anytime, anywhere - can be such a mini moment of stress relief. I sing and listen to music all day long - in the shower, singing and dancing at red lights like a crazy person, during certain times of the day with the kids while they're working... the list goes on. There's just something about humming a little tune that instantly calms my nerves, even when the kiddos have me ON EDGE! ;)

-I've had this episode of Swamp People in our DVR for a week now, because it makes me laugh so hard every. single. time. I completely respect these guys and the way they live off the land, but you're nuts if this doesn't make you chuckle a little. It's about a 2:00 clip, but my favorite part starts around :48. Although, the beginning is pretty funny, too, a Bayou version of Bubba's "shrimp" scene in Forrest Gump.

-This one may be a little mean ;), but it's harmless and it really makes me laugh.  Our smallest dog, Dexter, is SO much fun to mess with. :) For example, he will get up on the couch and spend forever moving blankets around, turning in circles, and trying to get everything just right for him to lie down. I will wait until he gets situated, curls up, lays his head down, and closes his eyes. Heehee. Then I scoop him up into my arms and smother him with hugs and pets. ;) He growls and licks my cheek at the same time... "Mom, I'm ANGRY, but I still love you... scratch my ear." Or at least I imagine that's what his puppy mind is thinking. ;) It cracks me up every time. Little stinker.

-Big bear hugs from my husband are the just cure for so many things. :) Hugs are such a simple thing, but they do soooo much good! I can be spitting angry or an emotional, crying mess and a great big, enveloping squeeze from him instantly calms me and brings me back to reality. ;) He's an amazing stress reliever. 

So, while everyday life definitely takes it toll, I am blessed and have many reasons to stop, relax, and be grateful. Sometimes it's the little things that help you remember that. :)

So, today I will give my honey the biggest hug before heading off to 3rd grade, I will turn my radio up a little louder and sing my heart out, and I will be grateful to be alive and for the WEEKEND!!

What are some of your mini stress-relievers that get YOU through the day??



I am following you back from the blog hop.

Just want to tell you.... I don't know how you will take this, but....
sometimes, clenchinng and grinding teeth can be a sign of parasites. I know because I had and probably still have them.

I see you have animals also.... anyway I have more about it on my site. I am doing the Humaworm parasite cleanse. Hope I didn't make you angry...

On a lighter note, your dogs are so, so cute... and I see you will be married 20 years soon. Congratulations!!


Swamp People? Parasites? This blog is giving me the creeps and causing me lots of stress!!!
Seriously though, I've never heard of that show. It looks like a lot of fun, in a bad way.
Enjoy your stress-free day!
Your New Friend, m.
p.s. I sing loudly in the car too. m.

Amanda @ Life in bloom

I love swamp people!! And those two brothers are so hilarious this season!


I love Swamp People!!!!
I agree the brothers are so funny.

I found your blog via the Find Friends Weekend Hop. I'm your newest follower.


Check out our Brand New Community for Moms


As long as I can listen to music I like and get hugs and kisses from the husband, everything will be a-ok ;)

Have a great weekend!



I love your new button, it's so cute!! Yes, the husband is very sweet :) (usually). Haha. That is SO funny you say that about Dexter because Harvie does the SAME thing! It's hilarious.. he even kicks around the blanket making the perfect spot. So cute. Must be a dachshund thing ;) Mini stress reliever.. hmm - running, red wine, hershey's dark chocolate kisses :)


I get terrible headaches, almost migraines, when I'm stressing. Mini-stress relievers, hmm...Ben & Jerry's ice cream, writing, and playing with my nephew & my 6 foster brothers & sisters (aged 5 - 14).

Pat Tillett

I'm sorry that you have problems from clinching your jaw. My wife got a sleeping mouthpiece for the same problem. She doesn't wear it enough to see if it will work, but it's supposed to.

Life sure can throw some stress our way. I REALLY try to keep it all on the outside. We all need ways to relax and unwind...

Tiffani Rose

I love this post!! My stress reliever is an impromptu dance party with the girls! It really helps when they are being extra annoying because it just reminds me of how much we can laugh and be silly with each other! All the stress just seems to melt away!


Great post!

I have a claw foot tub. On particularly rough days I fill her up, bubbles to the brim, and soak in there with a good book!

BTW - Thanks for stopping by my site! I look forward to seeing you around!


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read more of your blog.


Jessica Renee

Cuuute doggies, I have dachshunds too!

I get really stressed out too and do a lot of jaw clenching and my normal stress reliever is watching all my funny DVR'ed shows. I just love laying on the couch with my dogs and relaxing with some TV.

Hope your week's going better! :)

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