Thursday, May 5, 2011

If you like Cinco de Mayo...

If you like Cinco de Mayo ... and wearing sweaters in May.
If you're not much into health food, but you eat it anyway. 
If you like singing in the shower and doing karaoke.
Stop back by here on Sunday, and wish me Happy Birthday. :)

Please tell me that you know you should sing that to the tune of the Pina Colada Song. ;) I am in a stellar mood today, and this silly song is the result. Perhaps that means I am more than a little goofy, but I am strangely okay with that.

The entire point of it was to, of course, acknowledge today's holiday and comment on a few other things going on right now (now onto Awkward and Awesome so I can explain a few)!

-So, I realize that for much of the blogging world, you have not been introduced to Spring quite yet this year. In Texas, however, we are used to Spring coming in March and then being kicked out by Summer as soon as the end of April. The hot and humidity are definitely not welcome, per say, but it's something we've come to expect. So imagine my complete shock when I had to pull out a SWEATER and BOOTS on Monday. It rained here for a solid 24 hours and was in the 30s and 40s all day long. IN MAY. IN TEXAS. Crazy. Also awkward because my pups refuse to go outside in the rain. Ugh.

-Going into a middle school to sub on Tuesday, I had the WORST anxiety... I was so nervous... it felt like the first day of school! Why?? Don't know. I have become so used to subbing at another particular elementary school. They keep me busy most days, I've been in nearly every classroom, and I know the kids plus their schedules. I guess the "change" was too much for me, even though I had been to this other middle school before. It was strangely emotional, and just a pretty weird situation. Everything turned out fine, of course, and I had a great afternoon, so all is well. ;)

-I know I promised weekly menu updates on Mondays. First, I really needed a small break from blogging after the A to Z challenge. Second, last week I was a major failure at taking pictures of our food, even though I did cook some pretty yummy stuff! Obviously, now that I have my new camera, you can expect to see much more of my menu! :) Yummy food pictures... I can't wait. :)


-Today is my parent's 31st wedding anniversary. Aren't they so cute? These are a few pictures of their early years.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU! xoxo Plus, how awesome was it for them to get married on Cinco de Mayo? Seriously, though, I consider myself infinitely blessed to have loving, giving, and supportive parents who have been together for so long. They have shown me that while "happily ever after" doesn't mean there won't be struggles, finding and keeping the "one" is worth the extra patience. I look forward to the day that D and I can look back over the past 30 years and feel the same genuine, forever love that my parents have for each other.

-Yes, it's awkward to be wearing a sweater and boots in May, but there was a major awesome in there, too. I had recently placed an online order for boots on clearance, and guess when the package decided to show up on my front door? Oh yes, rainy day Monday. :) So I got to strut my stuff in my new boots, even if the weather was extra gloomy. :)

-Some of my girlfriends and I are embarking on our own Biggest Loser adventure for the next 60 days (ok, so the awkward part is I am not starting until after my birthday in order to set myself up for SUCCESS). We are all focused on living healthier lifestyles, but we all need the extra MOTIVATION! Facebook Groups are pretty awesome... we have a private one set up so we can post weights, share struggles, give advice, and just work together on our weight loss. Thank you, Lord, for amazing girlfriends that motivate each other!!

-I am SO excited about celebrating Mother's Day with my MIL on Friday night, then going on a double date with my twin and her man Saturday night, then having a huge Mother's Day/Twin Birthday Bash at my parent's on Sunday. Gotta love birthday weekends!!!



I *WISH* Spring would actually start in March - there's still snow up here at that time of the year!

And love the parents' pics ;)


Amanda @ Life in bloom

Your parents ARE too cute!

I totally get your crazy teaching anxiety! Before my kids were born I was teaching middle school band, which was great, no anxiety problem there, but some days they would ask me to cover for another class on my planning period and I was always CRAZY nervous. I hated it. It ruined my whole day, even if I only had to be in there 20 minutes! I have no idea why. I am totally comfortable with that age group!


They are a great looking couple, happy anniversary to them!

I am following you back!

Mallorie Owens

Great blog, very cute :) Happy Cinco de Mayo, Happy Anniversary to your parents, and Happy (almost) Birthday to you!

Tiffani Rose

I love your parents, and they totally prove that no matter what the struggles, it is always better to stick it out!!

Happy Early Birthday!!

Joyce Lansky

You have a beautiful mother and handsome father, so I can see why you were a pretty bride. Happy Birthday!


Katie Potter

Thanks for stopping by my page. My birthday is next week so I've been doing little happy dances already too. :)
I'm your newest follower!

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