Thursday, March 31, 2011


"Huh? Salu-what?"
"Salutations! Salutations are greetings, and my fancy way of saying hello!"
"chin up, chin up
put a little laughter in your eyes
brave it, save it
even if you're feeling otherwise
twinkle, sparkle
let a little sunshine in
you'll be on the right side, 
looking at the bright side,
up with your chinny chin chin!"

So, I babysat for my bestie's 2-year old this week. And what did she want to watch? Charlotte's Web. Score. :) I haven't seen that movie in FOREVER, and I just love the little diddy above. Makes ya smile even when you don't really wanna. :)

Speaking of trying to keep your chin up, please keep the teachers of Texas in your prayers. Budget cuts are hacking up our education system, and it directly affects so many of us. I was watching the local news last night, and PISD recently handed out almost 350 pink slips... with 225 of those going to teachers. McKinney ISD is expected to let go of over 100 teachers as well, and this is just info from 2 north Texas school districts. I personally know a teacher with years of experience, excellent evaluations, and a genuine talent for teaching that no longer has a job in the Fall. Simply because, on her team, she is lowest in seniority. It truly breaks my heart. Not only that, I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I could walk and talk. Here I am, wishing I had my own classroom, and working as a substitute to get my classroom "fix" until something else comes my way. Let's face it, my confidence in finding a full-time teaching job in the fall is lying in the gutter. What is happening to our education system? 

Sigh, let's try and move onto more exciting things. Like spending time with family. :) I went out to Mesquite yesterday to spend time with my twin sister and help her cook for her jewelry party that night. Wendy, my sister, is an amazing mom of two who is recently looking into selling Park Lane jewelry as a supplementary income while she stays at home with her boys. Well, it's no secret that I LOVE jewelry, and I sure do love supporting my sister as well. 

So, meet Hooty. :) I love him soverymuch and cannot wait to have him and wear him for my very own! This is definitely awesome enough to include in my A&A post, but I thought Hooty deserved a little attention all on his own. :) I also scored some gorgeous earrings, for free!, that I won in the raffle. It's super important to support your loved ones ;), so I also bought other necklaces and earrings for birthday and mother's day gifts coming up. Can't beat sweet bling, a lifetime quality guarantee, and putting profit money directly into your sister's pockets. :) 
That's why I also bought this gorgeous piece for myself. 

It's a real good thing I get a modest paycheck of my own each month, and an even better thing that I called the hubby prior to the party and warned him of my spending potential. ;)



Love me some 'Hootie' =0)


Oh my gosh, if you were here in front of me I just might hug you, and that's saying a lot because I am NOT a hugger!!!!

1st, I love that song!!!! Charlotte's Web (cartoon version) is prolly one of my all time fav movies ever!!!! (noticd the excitement with the overuse of !!!!!)

2nd, I was having a kinda crummy day and that just made it all better. I'm with you, can't hear that little diddy without it making your worries or frustrations melt away and just smile.

3rd, does your sister have a website? I love the owl neclace and haven't heard of this jewlery. I don't spend a lot on it, and it something i'm dying to get more of :)


Kristi - glad I could put a little pep in your day! :) It's almost Friday!!! I have been singing that song all morning while doing chores. ;) Last night was only Wendy's "Grand Opening" party, but she should have a website up soon! I am hosting a party for her on May 1, so hopefully I will have more info about a website then! :)

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