Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Here we are at Thursday again! It's almost Friday and after that, only one more week until Spring Break! I am finally starting to feel like a human being again after being sick most of the week. I still can't manage to shake this cough, though, and the drainage yuck is no fun either! I have also lost steam on the blog challenge, and I'm sorry about that. It's just that days 16 and 17 are a little more serious and I just haven't been feeling up to it. I may just have to do a mega-post that rolls a fews days into one so I can get back into the groove!

First things first! Let's get to the awkward and awesome:

-starting days with Dayquil and ending them with Nyquil. Living on medication is NO fun... I HATE being sick!!

-still trying to shake my cough from being sick, and hacking up a lung for (what seems like) minutes at a time in the middle of a lesson. The kiddos just stare at me like my eyeballs are about to pop out from coughing so much!

-(this probably borders on TMI, but I am pretty sure the only male that reads my blog is the hubby, so you ladies will have to forgive me!) ...bra shopping. I hate it so much, I never know my real size, and it is the single most frustrating experience EVER. I had to break down and do it this week, and almost an hour into it, I was ready to pull my hair out. Eventually the clouds parted and in a sing-song ::hallelujah:: moment, I found the right size/style for me. But any shopping experience where I break a sweat and have to refrain from using foul language is a not-so-fun one for me!

-even though both me and my man were feeling awful this week, at least we stuck it out together. ;) I pulled the potato soup out of the freezer, and it was soooo amazingly yummy, even after a couple weeks in the freezer. I know you are all sick to death of hearing about this soup, but trust me, it's worth talking about! Plus, it's what my mom always made for us kiddos when we weren't feeling well, so it really hit the spot to have some all ready to go! :)

-shopping with the hubs on Saturday. :) Not only did I have him all to myself, he let me drag him all over town... we had a blast! He was like a kid in a candy store at the PGA golf store. We were there for over an hour and left with some golf clubs and a new bag... success! :) 

-Our other finds of the day were also quite awesome, so lemme share a few! 

I just love Ross. It's such a great store to find a good, cheap deal! In our visit this time, we found a gorgeous wooden cutting board (I have been wanting a nice one for awhile now) and the coolest tea tray for my beautiful cast iron teapot (D got me the teapot for our first Valentine's day together, back in 2005)! I got to use the wooden board to roll out my tortillas this week... it's so heavy and just a good, QUALITY cutting board! I love the different shades of wood in it! And I just a.d.o.r.e. the vintage world map on this tea tray! Together with the tea set, it perfectly compliments the bar area and makes it look so polished!

Another favorite "find a great deal" store of mine is TJMaxx. :) Look at the cute, cute apron Dave picked out for me! I LOVE it! I know the picture is bad, but the sun streaming in behind me hides the fact that I am wearing no makeup, so I am okay with the poor picture quality. ;) Let's just pretend it makes me look angelic, or something like that, k?
-another awesome: notice the sweet little headband in my hair? Can't see it? Here's a better shot of my new, little love:

Just HOW cute is that? I have another in a beautiful kelly green (except it's a sweet little bow) that I cannot wait to sport! I usually don't wear headbands due to the inevitable headache I get from where they pinch me behind the ears. These, however, are crocheted and go all the way around my head... amazingly comfortable and way too stinking cute!

-Speaking of lovely and cute, I received my first handmade "pretty" for the "Pretty Little Lovelies Club" TODAY! I am already wearing the ring and LOVING IT! I love that it's mustard yellow like my headband (can you tell I am trying to add that pop of color to my accessories?? I am sooo in love with this yellow)! Look, it was even packaged all precious just for me! I did a little happy dance at the mailbox when I saw it. :)

So there you have it, this week's awkwards and awesomes! I wish I could promise that I would be back in the next few days to catch up, but I am taking the 4th grade - 8th grade Science certification test on Monday morning... and let's just say I haven't done quite enough studying for it! So, most likely, I will return on Monday afternoon... hopefully with a post that will redeem my poor activity concerning blog challenge! Until next time, then! :)



Amanda @ Life in bloom

What is this blogging challenge you're talking about?? I'm such an addict!

And I LOVE the headband :))


:) Amanda- check out my January post "Thirty Days" ... I guess I am not blog-savvy enough to know how to include include the link here without a huge long address. Boo... eventually. ;) At any rate, all the info is there and it's been fun! I kinda go at my own rate so it's been longer than 30 days... oops? ;)


Omg.. bra shopping is so awkward. I'm still wearing some of my bras from high school (literally.. since 03. yikes) because I hate it so much! Potato soup is amazing. Have you ever heard of Tastefully Simple? My friend had one of their parties and I got their potato soup and it's the best!


Love your awkward & awesome Thursdays! We wil definitely have to hilight those on your What' in YOUR Closet day! Are you game for 3/18? Lemme know via email: parentingbydummies (at)gmail(dot)com

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