Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not a happy ending

Remember last Tuesday when I lost my friend's dog? Well, they found her. Uninjured and safe at a somewhat local animal shelter. That, my friends, was nothing short of a miracle.

Since my last post, her owner stayed at my friend's house for the rest of Spring Break (the dog owner lives over an hour from where we are) to hang flyers and search local animal shelters. They hung over 70 flyers and the last one they hung was the rec center by our home. They DID receive one call about that flyer, from a boy who said they had the dog at the rec center but her leg was broken. When my friend showed up, no one was there. She had to assume it was a sick prank (WHO would do that??). She checked all the local shelters and was unable to locate her. By Friday, she eventually went home, resolved to the fact that her pup was probably dead.

Cut to Monday. :) A lady saw the rec center flyer and called my friend, telling her that they saw the dog on Wednesday in their apartment parking lot. Since the dog wouldn't let the woman near her, she called Animal Control and they took her to a local shelter (not one near our homes, though, that lil pup went FAR!!). 

Wow, I was SO relieved! Even more so to know that she had only been out on the street for one night and then was fed, warm, and safe at the animal shelter after that. My friend went immediately after work (once again, over an hour drive) to identify her dog at the animal shelter and make arrangements to take her home on Saturday. Her dog had been at that shelter when she went to check earlier in the week, but her pup had bit the animal worker that picked her up, so a 14-day quarantine period was required.

So, all is good, right? Pup is safe and sound, and all is right with the world. But remember the title of this post? Unfortunately, this does not have a happy ending.

Yesterday, she got a call from the Director of the shelter. Friends, you are not going to believe this. I was so shocked and appalled. They "accidentally" euthanized her dog. WHAT??? Unacceptable. The Director said they are investigating (blah, blah, blah) to determine what exactly happened, but the gist of it is that instead of clicking the "hold for pick-up" box on the computer, a shelter worker accidentally clicked the "euthanize" box. My friend asked if she could at least pick up the body and give her a proper burial, but the shelter no longer has it.

My heart is just broken for my friend. If it were my dog, I would be in absolute pieces that the hubs would have to scrape off the floor. My girlfriend and I sent flowers to her at work today, hoping to bring a little sunshine to a terrible, terrible situation. Please, blogger friends, continue to keep her in prayer as she deals with the loss of her little friend.


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