Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Next Tuesday, I think I'll stay in bed

So, last Tuesday, I had this great day teaching first grade and then it ended with the horrible, terrible, no-good, very-bad news that I had missed the passing goal on my certification test by 3 small, tiny points. This Tuesday managed to deliver even WORSE news after a wonderful day. I did some shopping, had an impromptu date with the husband that was VERY nice... and then , around 8:30, it all went downhill. :( 

I managed to lose a friend's dog. Please, please, please say a quick prayer that the Lord leads Kristi the terrier's little feet back home safely, otherwise I am not sure what I am going to do with myself. :( Some friends of ours were out at the farm (over 2 hours away) riding horses yesterday and decided to stay the night. One of the friends had her 2 dogs in the backyard, and asked us if we would keep the small dog overnight so it wouldn't get cold or squeeze out a small hole in the backyard when her mama didn't come home. We are absolutely dog-people, so we didn't mind this AT ALL! The husband and I were already in pjs and house shoes, so we just went on over in that. D had to jump the fence and let me in through the garage... the next task was to try and corral this little pup. The bigger dog knew me, and would even allow me to pet him... not Kristi. :) Poor girl didn't know me OR D, and wouldn't stop barking or let anyone near her. Of course, the minute we were anywhere near making progress, she bolted off as FAST as she could... and that little dog can MOVE. Cut to almost 2 hours later... Dave is behind the wheel with his lights off, checking out the alleyways 7 blocks over (where we have followed her to this point), and I am in a full on sprint, barefoot (had to ditch the house shoes a few blocks back) and desperately trying to catch the female Speedy Gonzales. Needless to day, we eventually had to head back to our friend's house, and hope she could make her way back there. As we pull up to our friend's house, we see her just across the street!!! I can't believe she made it the whole 7 blocks back when this isn't even her house! Of course, she ran again the moment we got out of the car... there just wasn't anyway we were going to catch her. We continued to search a little while longer, then eventually had to head home. 

The ONLY thing that gave me any peace was the fact that we were able to spot her so close to "home" when she had wandered so far. My prayer was that she would be waiting on the front or back porch when our friends arrived home an hour later. But when I woke up this morning, my friend was about to head out again and continue looking for her. :( Please say a quick prayer that this pup finds it home safe. I feel absolutely terrible... if it had been MY dog I would be completely beside myself. I can't even imagine how I would handle that... I HATE that I am putting someone else through that pain. :( :(

My feet are terribly swollen and cut up from running through the streets barefoot for hours last night, and I still have no dog to show for it. :( I hate that there wasn't more we could do last night, but there was just no getting near that pup. We didn't want to chase her further away when we had spotted her so close to "home". I believe in the power of prayer and I am counting on all of you reading this to say a prayer for her safe return. Those of you that are pup-owners know that they are our little kiddos, especially to those of us who don't have children of our own yet. Jesus, bring this lil pup home!

I believe I am taking the hint and will be going to bed early next Tuesday, before anything else bad can happen. :(




Puppy prayers said, hope she comes back soon!

Tiffani Rose

I hope the pup makes her way back home.

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