Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today's A&A


-subbing at a school this week where "cowboy steak" was the main menu item. This is just a fancy name for a hamburger patty on steroids that's covered in melted white cheese and bacon. I don't really think that anything with BACON on it qualifies as a "healthy choice." Come on, now.

-finding a note from an old friend hidden in a DVD case that I opened at school the other day. The friendship had a rather awkward, unhappy ending and there were definitely mixed feelings when I read the note. Even though it was sweet, it was still strange. At the time I am sure it was meant to make me smile, but it just made me feel.... weird. Plus, it's probably been there for over a year - since she hasn't set foot in my house in that long.

-zombie dreams. I had one last night and woke up utterly terrified. 

-incessant sneezing. Curse you, allergy season!

-leaving my water bottle in Mesquite last night at the jewelry party. The most awkward part: I drove the 45-minute drive again today to get it. I can't live without that thing! Seriously, it's a problem. ;)


-my camera has magically come back from the dead. :) Perhaps I was working it too hard and it needed a break! I have still been taking pictures, but it's a pain to upload them from my phone.... as a result: picture-less posts. Since we're back in business, you should be seeing more photos around here very soon!

-impromptu date night! We went to Logan's - I ordered steak and grilled shrimp... the hubs ordered ribs and chicken. Yes, this was intentionally so we would have 4 different meats. :) Then we just share it all  - mmmm meat ;)

-adult slumber parties! I can't wait to post about this after Saturday!!! One of our besties is having a party out at her home in BFE. All of my besties are coming with their men and their kiddos! It will be a day of grilling out and socializing, then we will all change into our PJs and stay the night! I really can't wait - this weekend will be such a blast!

-So, I've officially decided to give this A to Z challenge a shot. It seems like it's going to be hard to think up posts by the letter, and also a real challenge to post every day for the whole month of April. But I LOVE to write, and I know it will help stretch my creative juices.


Tiffani Rose

Just make sure you don't post on Sun :) You will do great! I just know it!

Logan's sounds yummy!! It has been forever since I have been to a steakhouse.
You are crazy to drive to get a water bottle!! You would have seen Wen on Sat!

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