Friday, April 1, 2011

Above Average April

I can hardly believe we are already in the 4th month of the year! 2011 is flying by, and so far this year has already been amazing! So, how do I know that April is going to be so fabulous, so "above average"?

First, my April menu is already on the fridge! Woo-hoo for month two of menu planning! It worked like a dream in March, and I am SO excited about all the new recipes I have picked out for April. I did some really deep digging in my Rachel Ray cookbooks, and I found some great stuff! I even had to start a list of recipes to use in May; April filled up so fast!

Today also marks the first day of the April A to Z blog challenge. :) It's a challenge to blog every day (except Sunday), based on the 26 letters in the alphabet. So, by the end of April, I will have at least 26 blog entries (A to Z), and will hopefully be a much better writer. :) Writing and reading are two major passions of mine, so I am really excited (a little anxious, too) to be involved in this! Check out my sidebar for the link if you'd like to join as well!

Another amazing thing about April is that it marks the end of the tax season. For me, this means I may just get my husband back! ;) Having him work 95-hour weeks is for the birds... I am OVER it! And I know he is, too!

April also means only 9 weeks left in the school year... Summer here we come!!! Teachers use substitutes less and less as the year comes to a close, which means my summer will probably start a little sooner than most! The only bummer is that no work means no pay... but I think I'll still manage to enjoy the time off. ;) I am ready to lounge by the pool with a beverage and a book.... aaaah, I can feel the sun now. :)




Cheers to an above average April! I'm excited to see what this A-Z challenge brings as well :0)


Wow! You have a whole monh of meals planned? How awesome is that? *thumbs up* And I'm a substitute also, so I'm pretty ure my summer will start early. I'm doing the challenge too, so I'm excited. Good luck!

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