Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feelin' Fabulous (and Featured)!

... and some fantastic food!
It's another gorgeous day here on my side of the world, and I am so grateful for it! It's hard not to feel fabulous when the sun is shining! It's also nice to get out of the gloomy slump I was in for a few days! FINALLY, I am back to my fabulous and fun self! Now onto our usual Thursday feature - Awkward and Awesome!


-In Kinder earlier this week, we were talking about where chicks come from. There was a picture book I had to read and I swear my face turned fifteen shades of red when I started reading about "sperm", "mating", and "fertilization". What made it even more awkward is that I had a fifth grade helper in the room at the time, too. Guess I am not all that experienced in giving the "birds and the bees" talk to five-year olds. awkward. 

-standing in line at the self-checkout at the grocery store with my headphones in. I am scanning away, in my own little world, and the attendant is waving his arms at me and rushing over. Gosh, what did I do? Apparently, I pressed the "white" mushroom button instead of the "brown". ??? They were the same price and you just caused a scene, dude. I swear it appeared to everyone around me that I was trying to steal something.


-my first rose of Spring! After the gorgeous weather that we had this past weekend, many others have bloomed as well! :)

-my new spring polish... Lacey Lilac! It's funny, I painted them on Sunday, and my twin sent me a picture message Monday of HER lilac nails... guess we really were on the same wavelength!

-No guts, no gators! David and I managed to get caught up in a marathon of the History Channel's Swamp People. We couldn't get enough! It's a pretty cool and slightly hilarious show... these people are c.o.u.n.t.r.y. Like, cutoff overall shorts with no shirt and a huge belly country. It's sheer greatness. :)

-getting to work at my favorite elementary school 3 times this week AND last week. I love that they keep me busy, and I love being the only sub in their building on many days. It really makes me feel like I am doing something right, even if it's a little thing. One of the Kinder teachers even told me that I didn't "count as a sub". It's such a blessing to be appreciated!

-tried another new recipe and it was AMAZING! Florentine Mac and Cheese w/ Turkey Sausage Meatballs! Thanks, Rachel Ray (she used ground chicken in hers, and I made my mac -n- cheese a little differently, but still with lots of spinach)! YUM, YUM, YUM! The fennel seed and rosemary in the meatballs was sooooo good! This recipe is DEFINITELY a keeper! 

-my first feature! Check back in tomorrow... I am being featured at parenting BY dummies! I am super excited about it, so please check it out and let me know what you think!



Erin W

That recipe looks amazing! I need to look that up!
And yes, I can imagine the birds and bees talk. not quite ready for that one either! :)


Hi Yvonne!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you!! I love it here! I'm going to go read some more!

Looking forward to having you join us next week for Meet Me on Monday!

Have a great Friday!


oommgg the pasta looks sooo good!! yum. I love the lilac color on your nails! So pretty. Good for you for being able to grow roses.. I've heard they're not easy to grow!! I think Harvie likes his haircut - yours may enjoy it too! Especially as it gets warmer.

Pam Torres

Hello Yvonne! *bows three times* A substitute teacher, wow! You must be really good. I'm sorry you missed my "Anyone can teach contest" I gave away a $25 office depot gift card!

Love your Awkward, Awesome format. Roses? In April so not fair.


So we totally love Swamp People "if de got em gators up em heaben, den I be catchin gators in Heaben tu"

Funny about the birds and bee's, 5th/6th grade was always my fav. grade to sub in. Still somewhat sweet, but just getting their mouthy on. Made for some hilarious situations :)

Glad your back and fabulous!!!


Alright...gotta that Sally Hansen "Lacey Lilac" polish? 'Cuz I want it and thats what keeps popping up online :)


Kym - it's Sally Hansen Hard as Nails! I found it at Walmart for $2!! :)

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