Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rotten and Rad

Time for another slightly strange edition of Awkward and Awesome - this time with cheesy "R" words. ;) Next Thursday's letter is "X", I believe. Ruh-roh. Since A&A is the only "regular" post I really do, I wanted to do my best to incorporate it into the A to Z challenge! It's probably an epic fail due to the cheese factor and not being able to find words that were true synonyms for "awkward", but I gave it my best shot! So, here's to this week's Rotten and Rad?? ;)

-Walking into our normal Sunday morning bowling and watching a small family stand at the door and inhale bananas because of the "No Outside Food or Beverage" sign. It was serious business, and I just walk right past them with my water, travel coffee mug, and my breakfast shake. Come on, people, it's okay to break some rules. ;)

-Having a different family bowl next to us with the most annoying children EVER! They were like 10 or 11 and the girl was sitting ON the ball return kicking the sides over and over. I am holding my ball, about to approach, and I just turned and stared at her. Straight on, scary teacher stare. It took everything in me not to yell, "No thank you! Walk away until you can behave properly in a bowling alley!!" Needless to say, by their 3rd frame my nerves were SHOT and I was ready to go!

-Wearing my "teacher sweater" last night to the Mavs game. It's the sweater I usually carry with me whenever I sub just in case the classroom I am in is chilly. I thought there might be a chance the arena would be cold, so I grabbed it off the chair on my way out. With 3 minutes left in the game, the people behind me accidentally spilled their "adult beverage" all down my back. Uck. They were more caught up in losing their drink, and I smelled like a bar. Let's just say I did NOT bring that sweater with me to school today. Ugh, gross.

-D and I have been on the hunt for some patio furniture (the "Verniture" has seen it's final days) and we spotted the PERFECT set walking out of Kroger the other day. It was the last one, and it was so perfectly "us" and our style that we purchased it on the spot. I pull my little Honda Civic around front, pop the trunk, and there are our bowling balls from that morning and our washer boards. There is no way we are getting this patio loveseat, table, and 2 gliders in this car... even empty!! We sooo did not think this through! It was an ORDEAL getting it home! I threw all the cushions in my car and left David sitting with all the frames while I ran home to unload and start knocking on our neighbor's doors for help. Our friend saved the day by bringing his parent's truck, but not until D had been sitting outside of Kroger for a ridiculous amount of time. We DID manage to get the table in my car but couldn't get it back out once we were home! Our buddy had to remove the passenger seat of my car to get the table out!


-Between my sister's new jewelry business and the Pretty Little Lovelies Club, I have aquired some FAB accessories lately. This means I was on the major hunt for a jewelry box that would hold everything and keep it in better condition than my current one. I found a few online, but the price ranged from $100 - $200, and I just can't see spending that money on something I cannot hold or see first. I finally found what I was looking for at Target... for $60! It's perfect for what I need, AND there's a photo collage on the front for me to put wedding pics and photos of our pups. I haven't done that just yet, so no photo of the outside.

-Here's a couple of shots of our new patio furniture; I love it SO much! :) I love that the table has a little shelf under it, even though I am not sure what I will store there. I adore that the pillows and cushions are the same as our wedding colors. One of my favorite features is that the 2 chairs are little rockers/gliders! SO nice!

-We also landed a small deep freeze for our garage for a very cheap price. Some friends of ours were selling it in a garage sale.... DIBS!!! :) I still need to clean it up a little, but our kitchen freezer will be very happy for the breathing room!!

-We scored some free playoff tickets and got to go to the Mavs game last night, sweet! They won, even better! Personally, though, I think one of the coolest things about the evening was the National Anthem. A saxophone player performed it last night, and it was SO neat! No offense, but it was MUCH better than hearing some woman butcher the high notes. Plus, it was different, which I like!

-For dinner last night before the game, I made some extra tasty homemade pizza! My honey went to Jimmy's downtown and bought some fresh dough for me, and I piled it high with yummy veggies! I used italian sausage, mushrooms, thinly sliced red onions, and a little of spinach that I steamed and squeezed the water out of. I also had some skim milk ricotta leftover from another meal, so I dotted that throughout the pizza. Before putting the mozzarella and throwing it into the oven, I sprayed a little bit of light butter on the edges on the crust then sprinkled garlic over that.... yummy, garlic bread crust!!



anthony stemke

Hey guess what? We got our patio furniture from Kroger too. A table 6 chairs and 2 foot rests and a small table. It fit in my 8' bed pickup. They gave me a case of Coors light (beer) free with it. I tried to give it away, all my friends are into real beer though.
Nice pizza. I used to make 2 pizzas every week.

Tiffani Rose

The pizza looks yummy! I love your new patio furniture. What about putting some potted plants or cute flowers underneath?? I didn't even think about what an ordeal it would be to get it home, but it looks great!


Nice furniture but I'm trying to get my head round a table fitting into a car then not fitting back out ? Did it grow on the way home ? :)



I've heard you mention the pretty little lovelies club before...what is that again?

Love the jewelry box, I eyeballed it at Penneys, glad to know Target has it cheaper!!!!

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