Friday, April 29, 2011

Yvonne! :)

Y is for Yvonne... well, why not?

I've always loved my name, even though it was always difficult to do those name acrostics in school. Adjectives that begin with Y and V aren't all that common!

Vivacious (I always used this word, even when I wasn't sure what it meant)

There, that looks about like something I would have written in elementary school. 

So now, in honor of the letter Y (and the almost-end of the A to Z challenge!!), here are some of Yvonne's (little ole me) random musings, photos, and maybe even a video clip. All little things that have been on my mind lately. ;)

I swear, my nephew is the cutest thing ever! Being that my man is the hottest thing ever, especially with a baby in his lap, those 2 things together make this picture epic. I love it so much. :)

It was soooo nice spending time with family over Easter weekend... except it makes me want babies even more!! :)

D and I love BBC's Planet Earth series. I am especially in love with Blue Planet, Seas of Life since it's all about water and ocean life. I find those particularly interesting. We were watching the end of an episode before we headed to bed the other night, and they were showing us a particular fish that feeds on the harder corals at night. They chew off chunks of the coral and it comes out of them as fine grains of sand. The scene then cuts to the beach, where the narrator says something about how "this fish's excrement is what makes up our beautiful, sandy beaches that we all love." Haha, I am sure I have learned this in the past, but for some reason right then it struck me as funny. 
Sand is fish poop. giggle.

Here are a few cute pictures of our Daphne and Dexter 
from the other day. They are so stinkin' cute. 
They make me smile all day long. :)

Yesterday, instead of cleaning the bathroom, I watched Jeopardy. Sometimes you just don't feel like scrubbing toilets. Yes, that means I will spend Saturday morning cleaning my house for my jewelry party on Sunday... but yesterday I wanted to watch Jeopardy. I had several episodes stacked up in the DVR. I can clean the kitchen, cook, and do laundry while still watching Jeopardy, so the day wasn't a total waste. But toilets are for another day.

This video clip just might be the best thing ever. ;) It's, at the very least, one of the best commercials I've seen. I have the sound bite on my phone and it just cracks me up every. single. time. :)

Soooooooo 'kay, bye! ;)




I hadn't seen that one. Funny. Love your little babies Daphne and Dexter. Mom used to have a short hair mini dachsie. They are just the most loving little dogs.

Jeffrey Beesler

There's just no getting around to toilet cleaning when you've fallen so far behind on your Jeopardy viewing!


Cute blog! We have doxies too!


Daphne and Dexter are the cutest! I love doxies! I had my own 'tweenie' doxie but he ran away in January of 2010. I'm still heartbroken over it. He was always a wanderer and any chance he got, he took off. He just let his nose lead him :(

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is so pretty! I love the color! I look forward to reading more.

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