Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vibrant Voices

Today's letter V brings to you some of my favorite "vibrant voices". Artists that can really belt out a few of my particular favorites, or songs that gives me chills every time I hear them.  I pride myself in the fact that I can appreciate all different types of music, and sometimes hearing a crooner that's not exactly my favorite really let go and belt out a tune can really stick with me. Here are a few of my latest favs!

My newest love, Adele. Thanks to my MIL and my twin sister, I am hooked on her unique voice...this girl can sing!!

Chris Cornell has always been a favorite of mine. His live shows are always so amazing, and he's pretty easy on the eyes as well! ;) I adore this song as it is, but his version is so amazing. I love the contemporary, rocker feel while still staying true to the original song. His vocals are sooooo amazing. I walked down the aisle to a version of "Ave Maria", and I so badly wanted to use this one... but I guess it just wasn't quite appropriate for the occasion. 

Of course, I turned on some Chris Cornell while typing this post, and I cannot talk about him without also adding this song, Seasons. I live for the acoustic guitar and it is SO gorgeous paired with his stellar vocals in this song.

Most people that know about Regina Spektor, in my experience, either vehemently despise her music or absolutely love it. I believe the piano is a highly under-used instrument in modern music, and she plays it beautifully. She has a very different-sounding voice, which I adore, but it often rubs listeners the wrong way. Her music takes me to a different place, and I love just closing my eyes and getting lost in her Begin to Hope album.

I must end this with some Norah. :) I'm telling you, there's something special about a woman that can SANG (yes, SANG!) and play the piano. She owns it, people. Her entire Come Away With Me album reminds me of the early dating years for me and my hubby... it was our favorite CD to take Sunday afternoon naps to! :) Ladies and gentleman, Norah Jones...




I love unique voices like the ones you posted. Today. Thanks for introducing me to Regina Spektor. I think I might love her voice.


Tiffani Rose

I also love Leona Lewis :) She is great as well!


Great sound clips.
thanks for dropping in on thefeatherednest

Jennifer Shirk

Loved your clips! Yes, and that Seasons song is great--in fact, the whole Singles soundtrack is awesome. :-)

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