Friday, April 15, 2011

Markdown Mania!

So here's the big secret... I'm cheap miserly thrifty. :) As much as I love to shop, I generally refuse to pay full price for something. While some days it may mean I do lots of window shopping and don't purchase a thing, it also means I have the patience to sift through racks and racks of "clearance" items to find my little gems. I view it as a win-win: I come home with tons of fun, new things and I get to tell my husband how little I spent and how much I saved. Sure, he'd prefer me never to spend money, but how realistic is that? ;) I think it makes him happy to know that the thought of paying for brands like Gucci or Prada makes me wanna vomit. :)

In the spirit of the letter "M" in today's A to Z challenge, here are a few of my latest "markdowns" that I have found!

$40 Blowfish flats that I scored for $10!! They are sooo comfortable, the inside of the shoe is like a soft micro-suede! I love the plaid - it's a little different and yet SO cute!

$46 Rocket Dog pumps that I got for $12! The online reviews I read had quite a few ladies claiming these were the most comfortable heels they've ever worn! Time will tell, but I HAD to have them! They are a bronzy color that changes depending on which angle you view them at... too cool!!

**I scored both of these pairs of shoes on using a Mamapedia coupon. It's kinda like Groupon and I took advantage of one of their offers last week. Result: $86 in shoes for only $22... including shipping!!!

It was a quick trip to the local Goodwill today, but I found 3 books to add to my summer reading collection and this darling navy blue lace belt... all for $2.20! I am already excited about the things in my wardrobe I can pair this belt with! There was another chick belt-stalking me at the Goodwill... hoping I would put it down!

If you've read any of my previous "great find" posts, you know how much I love shopping at Ross! It's literally down the street from my house and it's so affordable! I went a few days ago to get something I had seen for our guest bathroom, and walked out with 3 pairs of capris (demin, dressy black, and a cool greenish-gray), a sweet, knitted white cardigan, and my new favorite hat. :) All for less than $65. Considering I got three pairs of pants, all of which I can wear to work, I still consider this a HUGE bargain! Plus, Ross carries lots of name brands at a cheap price. 

My final mega-markdown for now is my most recent trip to Kohl's. I found these 3 shirts, all of whose original price tags read $30 - $38. I paid around $12 for each AND had a 15% off shopping pass. :) Oh yeah!

Needless to say, I definitely got in some retail therapy this week. Lucky for my husband, I didn't break the bank! For me, saving money really does make shopping more satisfying. :)



Karen Walker

Now this is impressive. Wish you could be my girlfriend and help me shop. I'm hopeless. Nice to "meet" you on the a-z challenge.


You did good! Makes me want to run to Ross this weekend =0) I love having a thrifty partner in crime!

Amanda @ Life in bloom

Oh my gosh! You're such a diva!! (and I mean that in a totally AWESOME way!!)

Tiffani Rose

I love Clearance!!!! That is mainly all I buy for the kiddos. B and Y we need to make a trip to the HUGE Burlington soon!!!!!!


Tiff - Yes we must!!! I haven't been to a Burlington in forever!!!

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