Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Embry Lotus?

I love all things Top Chef and was so excited to see Richard Blais take the All-Stars title. I was watching him on Watch What Happens Live after the finale, and he introduced us to his recently born baby girl. Her name? Embry Lotus. Is it just me, or does that have too striking of a resemblance to embryo? 
Now, I am all about coming up with a creative and unique name for children, but I really think celebrities take this to such a ridiculous level! Another example, I am big fan of chef Jamie Oliver. He has children named Petal Blossom Rainbow (did they let her pick that out herself when she turned 3??), Daisy Boo Pamela, Poppy Honey Rosie, and the newest addition is Buddy Bear Maurice. ????? I am at a loss for words.

Jason Lee's kid's name is Pilot Inspektor?? I mean, because they are famous it's cool to subject their children to all kinds of childhood angst? Nicholas Cage's son is named Kal-El. Dude, he's not from Krypton. Perhaps he will indeed one day save the world from the evil Pilot Inspektor. Or perhaps he will spend most of his adult life in therapy.

While doing some chores today, I was halfway watching a show on TV called "Pregnant in Heels". It's about a "baby/pregnant woman concierge" and some of her most ridiculous clients. There was a "power couple" (entrepreneur and writer) about to have their 3rd child, and they wanted this woman to help them "brand" their baby by coming up with the perfect name. They were freaking crazy. They had her gather a panel of linguistic and poetry experts, marketing moguls, and all kinds of other people to come up with names, then held 2 focus groups (one for friends and one for random people) to narrow it down. I have never heard of something so asinine. Their cackle of goons finally narrowed the name down to Asher. The name everyone hated the most was Bowen. The parents named their kid Bowen Asher.  

It's no secret that the baby itch has been sneaking up on me, so I do have to admit that is why baby names are on the mind! David and I have names that we've talked about in the past, and while we do want our children to have unique names, I cannot imagine subjecting them to anything this insane! I am grateful for a mother who was creative in giving me my own name... Yvonne is a name that I will be proud to pass down and share with my children!

My real hope for these celebrity kiddos is that they can learn to embrace their crazy names... Lord knows it won't be easy! 



Oh Blais...le sigh! Actually when I first saw the title of your post I didn't realize that I recognized the name and I was like 'Noooooo, Yvonne, noooo!!' LOL Also, I must know where you get your cute pictures, are you a googler or do you have a resource??

Tiffani Rose

What's wrong with Poppy Honey Rosie?? LOL I do feel you and I totally think that celebrities take it too far!!


I soooo caught that show but didn't know what it was about!!! John and I had to turn it because it was making us mad. "Asher seems like a total snob, if a guy named Asher asked me on a date I'd turn him down just because of his name" Really?!!!! Who's the snob now lady!!!

Picking names was probably one of the funnest adventures we had during pregnancy. I say adventure because my hubs is a real clown and we have a crazy sense of humor. We have some real stories during that time. lol

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