Saturday, April 9, 2011

Habits for a Healthy Life

We ALL have our habits... some not so healthy! I know for me, personally, I have to keep my nails painted to stop me from biting on them, which I HATE! I am also working on my habit of repeating myself, often several times in the same sentence. All it does is annoy those around me, and I am just wasting breath on extra words. ;)
Putting the undesirable habits aside, I have really been focusing my year so far on building healthy habits and taking the proper steps to a more healthy lifestyle. I don't claim to be an expert, but these are a few things that worked for me as I lost my 60 pounds, and things that continue to help me live a healthy lifestyle today! So, for your "H" enjoyment, here are my handful of habits for healthy people! Things that either work for me, or that I am currently focusing on or struggling with on my own health-driven adventure!

1. Drinking WATER! It should be such an easy one, but so many people don't drink enough of it! I carry around my own filtered water bobble so I can fill up no matter where I am at. If I constantly have a bottle of water in my hand, I am much more likely to drink it. My goal is to re-fill said bottle at least 4 times a day to get my minimal amount, but I often find that I am filling it up more than that. I have a tendency to be a "mindless eater". This works well for me when it comes to my daily water intake. If I have the bottle in my hand, sometimes I will look down and it's almost empty... like the habit of drinking it is so second nature, I barely remember drinking the whole thing. I will take that alternative over looking down and seeing an empty chip bag any day.

2. Eating breakfast every morning. I know for some people, that is a REALLY hard thing to do. But it seriously makes a difference. It jump-starts your body for the day (double kudos if you eat dairy in the morning - it's a natural belly fat burner) and gives you the energy you need to make it through those AM blues. Even if I only have a banana and a breakfast shake, I really try not to miss breakfast. Try doing it, even if only for 7 days, and see how much different you feel in the mornings.

3. Portion Control: Another obvious one. Restaurants give such huge portions; most of the times it's enough food to technically feed 2-3 people. D and I try and split meals as often as we can, or we put away half for lunch the next day. When eating at home, pile on your vegetables first, then take your allotted portion of meat, and put other starches/carbs on your plate last.

4. Exercise, duh. ;) This is the one I personally struggle with the most. I just don't enjoy walking/running (especially on a treadmill), and I don't currently have an exercise routine that keeps me motivated. I know it's important, but I struggle with it SO much that, for now, I am choosing to focus on some of the other healthy habits in my life. But exercise IS very important, so small steps in the right direction here I come. ;)

5. PLAN!!! I think this one is the most important to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle. Laziness and unorganization gives us excuses to order pizza or skip breakfast. Setting aside a little time to make grocery lists, menus, and actually schedule your exercise sets us up for success! Those of you that read my blog know what a difference menu planning is making in my life! I am in control of my kitchen and my pantry. I know what I am cooking and when I am cooking it, and it really helps me balance mine and hubby's diet. Planners are winners, hehe. ;) 




I needed this post!!! I have been going regularly to zumba, but my food/portions/home exercise need ALOT of improvement!!!

I recently (as in Sat.) took some pics with the hubs and I still have a pregnant look and Aaron's a year :( I have cracked down and today starts Take 736463 of Healthy Living. But this time I'm going to stick with it!

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