Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daphne and Dexter

The hubs and I don't have kids of our own just yet, but we still have a full and happy home with our two little furry friends running around! Daphne and Dexter are our two long-haired dachshunds that just make our world go 'round!

We've had Daphne since 2006, when we adopted her from a family friend at about 8 weeks old (this family friend was also the pastor that married us 2 years later!). She is the sweet, laid-back, little princess that can do no wrong. ;) She is definitely a "daddy's girl", and the hubs has an extra-special soft spot for her. She really is just a chill, no-nonsense dog. She is loving and playful... all of our friends and family can't help falling in love with Daphne. The first couple shots are of her as a puppy... so small and cute! 

Dexter, on the other hand, is a quirky little fella! We adopted him just last February 2010 from a family with several small children. He is a miniature and much smaller than Daphne, so living around those small kids made him very skiddish. Poor boy, he's also partially blind and we recently had to have several (six) teeth removed that were rotted and painful for him. Despite all these things, he is such a loving and fun little pup. He has finally found his happy home and I just cannot imagine not having him in my life. He is my little shadow, and I love it! ;)

They are our little loves and we are so grateful for the happiness and companionship they add to our lives!




omg they are soo cute! Daphne looks soo much like our dog, Harvie! We just got him a few months ago and he was already 3 - so no puppy pictures :( They make such cute puppies! I love dachshunds :)


You're pups are the sweetest! So funny that you call them your 'little loves', that's what I call our furry children =0) Life just isn't the same without some slobbery it!

A Hootie Hoot

Awwww, they are so cute!!! I just love dogs! They always know how to make you feel better.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you now!


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree girlfriends are a necessity. mine saved my sanity a couple of days ago...if you read my blog.

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