Thursday, April 28, 2011

X-rated A&A?

Okay, so it's not really x-rated. Seriously, though, what else am I going to do with the letter "x"? ;) That little cartoon was my best shot, and I am looking forward to what all our fellow A to Z bloggers come up with! Despite all of my online searching, I simply could not find an "x" or even an "ex" word for awkward, so I am just going straight into Awkward and Awesome. Even it's a little bit of a cop-out for A to Z. ;)


-Sitting with my 2nd graders for the day while the other team teacher holds a 10-minute lecture with them... entirely in Spanish. The counselor had come in to do a quick 20-minute lesson, and this team teacher had a few things to add. What mostly made it awkward was that I had no idea what she was even talking about. I just kinda sat there and twiddled my thumbs until my kids got up and got in line. I didn't even recognize her telling them to line up. I need to learn more Spanish.

-Hitting my hand somehow and managing to bruise almost my entire left hand. Purple knuckles, tender palm, and everything. A) I bruise far too easily and B) of course it had to be the hand I do everything with. Ouch.

-I had such a blast over Easter weekend with my mom! :) But, let's face it... in the kitchen, it was a Comedy of Errors. ;) Despite how well we normally are in the kitchen, apparently Mom and I can't socialize and cook at the same time. 
So what happened was: Friday night, the cookies had too much flour and tasted more like a stale bread than a cookie... Saturday morning, she asked me to measure out a cup of flour for her pound cake. She thought I measured and  added it. Silly me measured it out, set it on the counter, and got in the shower. She discovered it after the cake had been in the oven 15 minutes. Oops. Re-do! Then on Saturday night, the casserole got pulled out of the oven too early, but it was forgotten when we put it back in to finish cooking. Cornbread casserole doesn't taste quite as good when the cornbread is burnt. ;)

Needless to say, next time I hang out with my mom after a long time apart, I think we will let someone else do the cooking so we can focus on each other. ;0)


-I just finished my May menu. :) :) This is my third month of menu planning... you know I love it! Still sifting through my cookbooks and finding new meals... I can't believe I've never utilized these things until now! I will find a way to post or link up my menu eventually... I need to get my honey to help me with that.

-Sitting outside on our covered patio, on the new furniture, listening to the rain. When my hubby got home the other night, we took the pups and a blanket out there after dinner and all snuggled up on the loveseat. It was perfect. :)

-This may be a little bit awkward, but I consider it an awesome. It means my honey is rubbing off on me, and I am okay with that. ;) So, he goes out of town for the day and his flight is super delayed... he won't be home until midnight. I can watch whatever I please on the TV, and what do I spend my evening doing? Watching basketball playoffs and the History channel. ;) The History Channel (along with Discover Science) USED to be my go-to NAP channels. ;) Whenever D put it on, I was sure to doze on the couch or get caught up on my laptop. I was mesmerized by Mounted in Alaska and that new Restoration show. The reason I loved Mounted in Alaska was because of the animals it showed. Of course, I would  rather to see the animals alive and in the wild, but these are some animals I have never even heard of and it was soverycool. 



X was difficult. Good comeback.

Tiffani Rose

We love Mounted in Alaska and the Restoration show. He started from Pawn Stars, and then got his own show!! I have no idea about X yet LOL


Sitting outside on a covered patio when it rains is so soothing :)



Yeah, X was difficult to do for the challenge. I managed to write mine on X-Rated as well but went into the actual rating more.

I like your comical approach to it :)

The Madlab Post

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