Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoreisms? and some A&A

Let me start this right off with my #1 awkward of the week... the last time I blogged was for last week's awkward and awesome. Am I losing steam or what? Life has been it's own jumbled mess lately, and even when I have a minute, I am having a hard time getting up the motivation to spell it all out for ya. Even when something happens where I think, "that would make an awesome post" or "let me jot that down so I remember to come back and share it", I still haven't made the brain-to-typing connection these past few weeks. Here's hoping that Spring Break will be just the refresher I need to get back on the blogging track!

There should be some blogging fun in store around the 18th, and I am also considering an A to Z blogging challenge in April if I can work myself up to it. I have completely fallen so far behind on the original blog challenge I was doing, that I may just scrap it and start anew in April with something else. We shall see. Perhaps I will change my mind and just catch up over Spring Break.

Okay, moving on. ;) 

-Perhaps this really is the future... how all the kids will be talking before long. As an English major, I really hope not, but it seems Jersey Shore has a further reach than anyone would like to admit. After watching last Thursday's episode, I couldn't keep myself from giggling at some of the ridiculousness I heard.

  --one of the girls describes herself as feeling "hystatic." What's "hystatic", you ask? No worries, she will tell you. ;) "Hystatic is, you know, when you're like, super happy, and like... really happy." Lord, help us all. ;)

  --Mike "the Situation" commenting on their filthy bathroom..."the smell was just permenating through the air... it is just not a good situation." Whatcha say? What was that? Did you mean "permeating"? Or perhaps "emanating"? Apparently it's a combination of both, as the ladies and gentlemen of G.T.L. aren't expected to understand the meaning of words. ;)

-me and the hubs both had weird dreams about cats... the same night. He woke up telling me about his crazy dream and the whole time I am thinking, wow, I had a crazy cat dream too! How does this even happen? We certainly don't own any cats.

-this awkward is my super-duper awkward of the week. I had SUCH an awesome day on Tuesday, and then I recieved this news and it was a huge bummer-bomb on my day. :( I took the 4th - 8th grade Science certification test on Monday. I missed the passing goal by 3 points. Three. That's less than 2 questions. I wish I had bombed the whole thing... but to miss it by 3 measly points??? Brutal. This is the 5th certification test I have taken and the only one I haven't passed, but it stings so much! Even D says not to be hard on myself... it's not like Science is my forte. BUT I can't take it again until May 9th and I was looking forward to using this as a way to make myself more marketable. Job fairs start in April/May and I REALLY hope to find a job in the fall, even with the crazy things going on in all the districts. Grrr.

-trying new things! Perhaps this is both awkward AND awesome because I surely looked awkward doing both of my new things this weekend.

1) First thing, yes, this is a picture of me on a horse! It's definitely not the first time I have done it, but it has been so many years since I have that I don't even have clear memories of riding horses. My bestie's little girl turned 2 this past week and she had a pony party! I got my baby fix AND I got to ride a horse... what a fun afternoon! We will definitely be joining them for "playday" so I can get more practice and maybe talk the hubby into getting up on a horse!

2) I swung a golf club for the first time... ever. :) Hubby was beyond itching to try out the set of clubs he purchased the weekend before, so we made plans to hit up Top Golf on Friday night. It's similar to a driving range, but you are aiming for different targets. It's actually a pretty cool place - each ball has a microchip registered to your name, so you can really tell how far your balls go and all that jazz. I couldn't get any distance to save my life, but I had a consistent, straight swing that kept hitting the same 3-point goal. I will take consistent, that works for me! I had a gnarly blister on my bowling thumb and some stiff shoulders the next day, but overall I actually had a really good time! I don't think I will be ready for a course anytime soon, but I am getting there. Plus, hubby is thrilled to pieces that I might be showing some interest in one of his favorite hobbies.

-another awesome: getting my March menu all planned out. Here it is, in all it's glory, hanging on my refrigerator. :) :) This really makes me happy! Compiling weekly grocery lists takes HALF the time, and I never have to stress about what to make for dinner. It only took me about half an hour and some perusing through cookbooks to get this going, and it's already saving me TONS of time!!!

-after my "bad news tuesday", a good friend called me up to meet her for a few beverages. I LOVE friends that never fail to come to the rescue when I am in a  sour mood. I got to go over to her house and spend time with her and her sweet, sweet little one, and all my troubles just melted away. :) I love moments like that, and I sure am grateful for people in my life that know just when I need it!

-Spring Break is next week. :) Only ONE more day of work until I get a week off AND I get to visit my family. AWESOME. Enough said. :)

-Looking forward to the St. Paddy's Day parade this weekend with great friends! Parade, then hot-tub time at the "Mansion" where friends are house-sitting. Lovely, lovely, relaxing Saturday!

-my final awesome of the week: my fitness pal app on android. This thing is amazing! It's pretty much an online food and exercise diary. The reason I like it so much is because it has TONS of food products and restaurants pre-loaded with nutrition information. So far I have not come across a single food that they didn't have. Plus, it also tracks your daily vitamin intake, water, exercise, etc. It's laid out so beautifully that you can tell, at a glance, if you've gone over the amount of carbs or fats that are part of your daily allowance. You can track either online or on your phone, and when you log onto either, it syncs up automatically (like if you enter your lunch on your phone and then dinner online, it will sync up to show both). Did I mention that it's FREE? You just pop in your height, weight, your weight loss goal, and how long from now you want to reach that goal... this precious little puppy spits out the according calorie count for the day. If you wish, you can even link it to your Facebook and Twitter to announce your progress (I probably won't be using that feature, haha!!). ;) I have been using it just over a week now, and I am LOVING it! It really does give you an accurate breakdown of everything you are putting in your body.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!! What were your A&As of the week?



Amanda @ Life in bloom

I'm so impressed with your meal planning! Maybe you could do a post on your best tips???

And blogging is really kinda hard to do when you get out of the routine!


I was going to comment on her menu too! I havent got mine down on paper yet, but I mentally noted all my meals for March and have gotten as far as what night is what:grill night, pasta, easy,new and open. I'm with Amanda, you should share some of your recipes you found :)

Tiffani Rose

I love Jersey Shore, but their lingo does crack me up sometimes!!

I love the monthly menu too, I will have to try that!

I am so sorry about the cert :( You are an amazing teacher (or will be one soon). Don't stress! You have a lot of cred going into the job fairs, and they would be crazy not to hire you!


Okay's been decided that you have to do a menu/recipe how-to post! LOL! I really need to do a monthly menu too...with as busy as Caroline keeps us, it would really help.

And I'm trying to find that app right now...thx for the tip! :)

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