Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recurring Dreams

So last night I had another dream about killer whales. This has been a recurring dream for such a long time... I came across my old MySpace blog and I had blogged about my marine mammal dreams back in 2005, and I can't even remember that far back to know how long I was having those dreams before then. In my dream, I am never hurt by "Shamu" ;), but the massive size of the animal next to me is terrifying. In each dream, I am unable to get away, whether it's in the ocean or the tank at some aquarium. "" has the following to say about my dreams:

"To see an orca in your dream, indicates that you need to be more vocal about something. Step up and speak up. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes spiritual guidance. You are ready to confront your emotions and make the connection between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself."

If you know me at all, you know that I don't have many problems sharing the way that I feel ;), sometimes to a fault. Something I am working on in the new year is being careful with my words and making a real effort to speak positively and with more love. Sooooo... "step up and speak up?" Perhaps my recurring dream leans more towards the spiritual guidance theory. Another website lists a killer whale in a dream as a sign of protection, but I am not sure that applies to me either? I guess there is really no way to know, but I sure hate having these scary dreams (at least I am terrified during the dream and always wake up with a racing heart) and not finding some sort of understanding as to why.

Another recurring dream I have is one where my teeth fall out. I will barely touch them, or bite into something soft, and my teeth will start to fall out one by one. It's definitely an image that sticks around long after I've woken up.

"" says that a dream like this reflects anxieties I have about myself. "Teeth" are apparantly a symbol of power and "loss of that power" in the dream means I am having trouble getting my point across and making myself heard. Sounds a little familiar... shows similarities to the "killer whale" theory... but I am STILL not sure how that applies to me??? Teeth falling out in a dream are also said to represent our own over-exaggeration to our worries and anxieties. Now THAT one at least makes sense for me.

I am not even sure I put any merit in any of these "dream interpretations", especially since my information comes from a random internet site. It just seems to me that dreams are a reflection of the subconcious, and any dream that repeats THAT often over THAT many years must have some rhyme or reason.

Do YOU have any recurring dreams?



I haven't had my recurring dream in a while, thank goodness. I will say though, my dreams have been so wild and vivid lately, there are some mornings I wake up and feel like I haven't slept at all. I've always liked the theory that dreams are a sort of filing system. Throughout the day our brains are overloaded with new information and as we sleep the brain works to file each experience in it's appropriate place so we can start each new day with a clean slate. When I have really odd or scary dreams, I typically run through the events from the previous day and see if I can piece it together that way. Maybe you're dream is triggered by an event that happens often and you don't realize =0)

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