Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Tiffani follows a blog that does this every Thursday, and she encouraged her followers to do the same. It just seemed like too much fun NOT to participate! So here's my attempt this week at Awkward and Awesome! ;)


-small talk with the cashier behind the register. It's always trite conversation about the weather, "Brrr, it's cold out there (duh)" or some comment about the daily grind "Sure am looking forward to the weekend!", "Yep, it's ALMOST Friday." I would venture to say that not many lifelong friendships have been built between the consumer and the cashier. Smile, say thank you, move on. ;)

-subbing in the same class countless times and STILL not being able to remember kiddo's names. I LOVE my district and I certainly don't mean this with any racist connotation, but all the Jose's, Jesus', Javier's, and John's really leave my head spinning. I always feel so ridiculous when a kiddo runs up and throws their arms around me, yelling "Mrs. Martinez!!, Do you remember me?" Of course I remember their sweet faces, but often I cannot come up with a name, which disappoints them!

-people assuming that because my last name is Martinez, I know Spanish. I married a Martinez, people, no habla espanol. I will get requested for a bilingual sub job, and boy are they disappointed when this white girl shows up! It's even more awkward for me when EVERY piece of literature hanging in their classroom is in Spanish. Wow, I am lost.


-finding time to cook EVERY single night this week. I got to try a couple new amazing recipes, and my hubby returned from work to a home-cooked meal 4 times this week! (It would have been more, but he went out of town for business)

-a 3rd grader recently told me I was the best teacher in the universe! ;) I know it's easy to say that to a sub who you don't have to deal with daily, but it still toots my horn and makes me feel unbelievably special.

-girl's night. I have one coming up next week and it cannot come quick enough! I am unbelievably blessed to have such a tight-knit group of girlfriends. Most people are lucky to have one or two close, quality friends that you keep throughout your life... not often can a person say that they TRULY have several besties... our little group is SO blessed that we are all still friends after many years, and we still make time to get together and enjoy each other's company.



Love it!! I was debating whether I should post my own awkward and awesome, they're so funny. I also watched her bun (hair do) tutorial today...I think I'm officially addicted to blogging.
PS...congrats on being the best teacher in the universe, that's pretty stinkin' special =0)

Tiffani Rose

I love the Daybook and the A & A postings :)

Congrats on being the best teacher in the universe and one day you will get their names, I promise!!

I totally get the last name automatically makes you mexican, hello, I am a Vasquez ;)

I love our group of besties too!!! But I am super sad that I will be missing the girls night :(

Yvonne Martinez

B - I feel ya on the blog addiction... I log into my dashboard to check for new blogs as often as I log into Facebook!

Tiff - I know you'll make some moolah on the 21st, but I am going to miss you soooooo much at our girl's night!! :(

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