Monday, January 10, 2011

My Little Darlin' Dex

I am hurting for my poor, little guy today. :( We took Dexter to see our vet shortly after we got him last year, and our vet confirmed that Dex's eyes were pretty cloudy, but he was an otherwise healthy dog, so don't worry yet (just don't move the furniture around, haha). When someone enters a room, Dex will bark incessantly until you get close enough for him to smell you or until you speak and he recognizes your voice, because he just can't see you all that well.

We were used to these little quirks, but he's never had any problems getting around or really seeing where he's going in the house. This morning, however, I noticed a real change. He was unbelievably clingy (which isn't too far from normal), but it wasn't enough for him to be in my lap. He was literally climbing up me until he could put his nose in my face and lick me.
Normally he follows me everywhere I go in the house. As I was putting away laundry, I noticed my little shadow wasn't pattering along behind me. I went back into the living room and could not find him anywhere. I was calling his name and walking all over the house; no response. I finally found him cowering in the corner by hubby's guitar. I thought maybe he had pottied in the house and knew he was in trouble, but found no evidence of that anywhere. Even when I stood in the same corner as him and called his name, it was as if he didn't know exactly where to go. I picked him up, tossed him in the love sac, and continued with my laundry, a little concerned but trying no to think much of it.
The next time upon entering the living room, I saw him jump off the love sac by the TV and hesitate... slowly walking towards that same corner. When he reached the wall, he backed up until he hit the corner and just laid down. It was as if he wanted to follow me through the house, but he wasn't sure where he was or how to get to me... it was sad. Later, I picked him up off my lap and put him down by the door so him and Daphne could go potty. He was very hesitant to put his paws off the step to go outside and would only sit right by the door.

When I eventually let them both back in, he came in and wandered in a circle by the door until
his nose touched my feet, and then he laid down right there. Normally he heads STRAIGHT for the water bowl after coming in. I decided to try a little experiment. I walked silently into the kitchen and waited. I saw him sniffing and licking the ground around him, and he wandered around the island the long way before he found me again and laid at my feet. I walked silently over to the water bowl and waited again, same thing. I
had to pick him up and put him directly in front of the water bowl in order for him to find it.

At this point, I was really getting sad. My heart was breaking for my poor little pup. I called the hubby in tears, and he listened while I rambled off everything that happened. Thank goodness for David, he keeps me grounded and helps me see past my emotions. I know we knew this was coming, just not so soon. I know there is nothing we can do but be understanding and patient with Dex, but it's still so hard to see him like this.

Since being home on vacation, I have gotten to see how great him and Daph play together and how much fun they have. He did not play once today. He is moving slowly and cautiously or not at all. I almost hate that I have to be at home and see this today. I know they may only be pups, but they are our kiddos, and my heart is just breaking. I can't wait for my honey to get home tonight, I need a great big David hug!!!
Dex is due for a shot at the end of this month, so for now, all we can do is monitor his behavior and let the vet know about it on the 22nd. I just pray that if his vision IS fading, that my little pup adjusts well to the changes and that it doesn't alter his sweet, spunky personality too much.



=0( Despite the fact that you and David were aware of his vision issues, I'm still pretty surprised at how sudden and drastic the change has been. I'd defintely consult with the vet! I'm sorry your poor Dex is having such a rough time of it but try to keep your head up and stay positive.

Tiffani Rose

I hope Dex adapts quickly to all the changes he is going through. I know that it is so hard for you and Dex.

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