Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The List Diva?

I am a list person. Or perhaps.... a list obsessor? At any rate, lists save my life daily. I derive some sort of maniacal pleasure from making lists and methodically crossing the items off as they are completed. I've heard that crossing off list items releases endorphins (similar to the natural high you feel after a workout). I am not sure if this is completely true, but I have to admit that this makes total sense to me!

And now in this age of technology, I even get the satisfaction of saving a tree, or two.... or even three by keeping all of my lists in a nicely organized app on my phone. With my OCD, this is especially helpful.... I find that I don't like seeing mark-outs and scribbling on my lists. Often I will rewrite the entire list after every couple of items that I cross off, just to keep my list "clean". Crazy, I know... which it why I am so thankful for my "Out Of Milk" Android app. It keeps me from being the "post-it" lady, with scraps of colored paper falling out of my purse everywhere I go. I can keep checklists, pantry inventory, and shopping lists all in one place, organized alphabetically, and it all immediately calms the obsessive-compulsive demons within.

I am very much looking forward to our girl's night at my house on Friday, but as usual, the hosting responsibilities have sent me into a list frenzy. How else is one expected to work all week, get the house clean, and menu plan for the evening? So today I had my own crazy, little "list organizing" partay. ;) My grocery list is ready, right alongside my cleaning list and a schedule that will help me get a little done each day. I also have a list of the little things that need to be done before Friday night guests show up. All of this is in addition to my normal, weekly and daily to-do lists (email resume, study for Jeopardy test ;), etc).

You'd think the volume of lists alone would be enough to stress me out and take all of the fun out of getting ready for my girls... in fact, it's just the opposite! I was freaking out to David yesterday about all that I had to do... it wasn't until I took the time today to organize it all into lists that the stress turned into excitement. I know this borders on insanity, but at least I can be grateful for the desire to organize versus being cursed with chronic laziness.



Ahahaha -- alas, I'm not the ONLY OCD list making aficionado! :) So glad to know someone else is as obsessed, erghe, strike that --- I mean, organized as I am! Enjoy your girls night Evie, I know it'll be superb - because hey, EVERYTHING will be taken care of, because it was ON THE LIST!! :)

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