Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


-Catching myself singing in not-so-private places. I am talking the grocery store, walking through the halls of a school, or even while making my rounds in the classroom while the kids work. I don't mean humming a little tune under my breath, either. Like, full-on, there's a song in my head or one playing over the loudspeaker... and this girl loves to sing. I will catch myself and immediately feel my cheeks flush... as much as I love to sing, that doesn't mean I should subject the people around me to that awkwardness, haha!

-flipping through the channels and catching this from the British chick on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills... "The thing is with wine tasting, is you don't swallow, you spit... it kinda goes against everything I've ever been taught, really."    Crickets.  A.w.k.w.a.r.d.

-trying to be a courteous driver, so I wave someone on... they don't go, so I start to go, then they go.... then we both wave each other on.... GRRRR... I'm outta here. ;)


-Dexter in his new, cute jacket. I am NOT the type that "dresses up" my dogs, but he comes in this house after pottying outside shivering like he's a Chihuahua. We call him the "Chiweenie". So, Gramps (Hubby's dad) went on a mission to find his "grandson" and new coat. Dexter LOVES it!! He doesn't shake anymore, and he really enjoys wearing it, haha.

-Depositing money into my bank account. Come on, how often does THIS happen these days? Hubs and I both have direct deposit, so usually the only time you go to the bank is to withdraw money... grrrr. I had a check from "" (check it out, people, you might have money coming to you!) to deposit, and a little cash from a market research study I did yesterday! :) So I actually got to go to the bank and PUT IN money! It really did feel pretty awesome!

-Speaking of the market research... it took me 8 minutes to get there, 3 minutes to check in, and 2 minutes to finish the study. So, for less than 15 minutes of my time, I walked out with $35 cash. Score.

-Having hubby home after he's been out of town. :) The pups just lay out all over him, in heaven, and all three of them are just so cute curled up together. My little family. :):)


Tiffani Rose

I hate the nice driver thing too. You go, no I go, no you go LOL Yay to having Dave home :)

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