Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Four, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

So, day 4 is all about favorite TV shows. We don't have much time for television, and if it weren't for the DVR we wouldn't get to watch anything, but husband and I do have a few favorites that we look forward to sitting down and watching together when we can find a few minutes.
The hubs and I didn't really jump on the "Lost" bandwagon until right before the final season aired. Personally, I think we did it the right way! We borrowed all the seasons from a friend on DVD, and caught up right before the final season premiere. We were definitely hooked - it made waiting each week for the last season's episodes SO difficult! I miss this show! Hands down, it may be the best written show ever on television. So many twists and turns, loveable characters, and characters that you love to hate. ;) The storylines were always gripping and entertaining (although often far-fetched), and there really is no current comparison to this amazing show. Plus, Josh Holloway... YUMmy. :)

Unfortunately, Lost is long gone, so here's a recent favorite of mine and the hubs. If you only have time to enjoy one show on television these days, Modern Family should definitely be it. The hubs and I laugh until we cry every Wednesday night to this little gem. It's about three families, all dysfunctional in their own way, and each of their separate storylines crack us up equally. Definitely a nice 30 minutes of quality comic relief.

We are also huge fans of the Food Network and Top Chef. Who doesn't love watching amazing cooks whip up quality food? Plus, it's fun to find and try new recipes. Speaking of, I am off to start dinner. :) Hope your Monday was as lovely as mine.


Tiffani Rose

I love Modern Family! Makes me laugh till I cry everytime!!!

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