Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Five - Words to live by

North Texas is CLOSED today, people! I really, truly thought we would all be trucking it to work/school in the cold today. Too many people were hoping for a snow day, and generally, when you get your hopes up like that it never happens. Personally, I am sorta bummed to have the day off... I was looking forward to getting paid for 5 days this week (as a sub, no work - no pay)!! The only good thing about it is that I didn't sleep a wink with the ice beating on my window and I would have been a walking zombie working with 2nd graders today. Caught up on some sleep, went out in the snow with hubs and the weenies, and now I am enjoying some more coffee and being curled up on the couch. 

It's so funny how the slightest change in weather sends all of us Texans into an absolute frenzy... stocking up at the store like we are going to be snowed in for weeks, the city and all public transport closing down, no school for the kiddos. I mean, I guess it sort of makes sense considering we rarely get weather like this and most of us are not equipped to be operating motor vehicles on the ice. All that being said, it is bone-chilling cold outside. 30-45 mph winds make it feel like 2 degrees in Texas. Our patio door is frozen shut, for crying out loud. Glad to be indoors in the heat. :)

I suppose I should get to today's challenge at some point in my rambles. Quotable quotes that I love... I have a stone plaque hanging in our home by our wedding picture that bears this quote (thanks, Mom, I LOVE it!). So appropriate and very true. That's the thing about unconditional love, right? It has no conditions, it cannot be measured... it just... is. Forever and ever, amen. That's actually very comforting. :)

This was my favorite quote throughout high school and beyond. It was always a little reminder to myself that perfection isn't what makes us who we are, but it's the journey and the people we meet along the way that matter most. And somewhere along that journey, when you aren't really looking for it, you're bound to meet that imperfect person who always seems to appear perfect in your eyes (cue a handsome musician who wiggled his way into my heart). 

See? Not perfect, but oh-so-unbelievably cute. Love my quirky guy so much. ;)


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