Saturday, February 5, 2011

3 Chicks and a Mexican

I do realize that every blogger and Facebook fiend in North Texas has been commenting about the snow days and the weather. I hate to follow suit, but yesterday in the snow was some amazing kinda fun, and I want to make sure and document it so I can remember this time many warm winters from now.

After the snowfall on Thursday night, D told me that he was allll mine on Friday. Even though he had been home several of the iced-in days, he still had to work and was glued to his laptop. I was officially sick and tired of being bored. Don't get me wrong, I adore our cozy little home and pups, but I had run out of things to occupy me and I was ready to get out of the house! So, on Friday afternoon, we decided to drive the 1/2 mile up the street to our local Chili's for lunch, and then a little further down the street to pick up a few things from Wal-mart. Overall, it was a short and uneventful trip, but it got us out of the house! The roads were still pretty slick and there were people sliding all over the place, but we made it home safely.
Afterwards I was determined to play outside in the snow. D and I got bundled up, we put the collars on the pups, and headed out into the front yard. Poor, little weenies didn't enjoy it very much! Daphne stayed near David while Dexter did a little running around and then went straight to hide underneath the cars parked in our cul-de-sac. At least there, it was only sheets of ice instead of cold snow sticking to their fur. They were so cute! They only played outside for about 20 minutes, and the little pupsicles were ready to go back in. 

D and I decided to enjoy it awhile longer. The snow provided a nice little cooler for our beverages, and we brought out some small speakers for listening pleasure. We had our own little "King of the Hill" setup as we stood along our brick wall, watching neighbors drive by and kids play in the snow. Here is a picture of our mini-partay in the front yard.

At the bottom of the hill, we noticed a truck rocking back and forth, trying to get out of his ice and snow rut. So, we headed down to help just as two neighbor ladies from across the street also went to the gentlemen's rescue. So there we are, 3 women and husband (the mexican :D) pushing a truck up the hill in the snow. I was wearing my new Ugg boots that the in-laws got me for Christmas (thanks guys, I love them!!) and they get great traction. Husband is sliding all over the place, but here I am, pushing a truck! We eventually got it up the hill... woo hoo! It was too exciting for me, and I realize that makes me a dork! 

After the truck-pushing, my adrenaline was pumping and I was ready for some REAL fun! My man with all the great ideas quickly runs inside and grabs a couple of plastic lids from our tubs in the computer room. Wow, this was fun! Who says you need kids to act like one? For 2 hours, we slid down the hill and trucked it back up, over and over again.
It was sooo much fun! We came in freezing, wet, hungry, and exhausted! I can't remember the last time I played outside like that... what a fun Friday! 
Of course, between pushing the truck and all the bumping and banging around I did on the ice, I could barely move this morning! Check out the bruises on my shin from the few times I went down the hill on my knees. You can't even really tell how dark and big the bruises are in this pic and the ones on the backs of my thighs are MUCH worse (but no one needs to be seeing pictures of my thighs, haha), When we first came in from playing, my legs were so red they looked sunburned. It took a solid half hour for normal color to return and to regain feeling in my legs!

Fun Friday didn't end there! A couple of good friends of ours came over, and we went about a mile up the street to mine and hubby's mexican watering hole, Los Lupes. We don't go very often anymore (in the early years of our relationship, we were there every Friday night), so it's always a special treat when we do make it out there! It was Friday, so of course the mariachis were there. What makes this super special is that these same mariachis were the ones who played at our wedding. We know them well, and they are always happy to see us! We enjoyed a lovely dinner surrounded by friends, and ended our evening there with the mariachis playing our wedding song while surrounding our table. It was awesome. :D Mister and his buddy serenaded us with their guitars once we returned home, rounding off our fun day with my favorite thing... listening to my man play music. 

Now it's Saturday... time for laundry and grocery shopping... back to the daily grind! We are, however, looking forward to the Lacy's Superbowl party tomorrow! I am trying out a  couple of new, healthy party-food recipes. I sure love any excuse to cook something new!
Now, duck! Hubs is throwing a snowball at your head!


Tiffani Rose

Your Friday Fun sounds like so much fun!!! I wish I would have ventured out and found a hill for us to slide down, but that is probably not too safe for a momma with her baby though ;)

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