Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 12 - A song that says "I Do"

Today I am supposed to share a song that we played at our wedding. Remember my Snow Day post where I told ya about the mariachis at Los Lupes? Here's where they come in. :) After the ceremony, the mariachis played while we all ate dinner. The last song they played for us was mine and David's first dance. That's exactly what they're doing in the photo above. :) It's the same song they had played for us every Friday night for the first 5 years of our relationship, and every time we see them now. I won't even try to spell it, because I am sure I will butcher it, but it is a song about 2 doves in love. Our little man with the big guitar sings it, and it's just gorgeous!

Since I can't really share the above song (unless, of course, you'd  like to join us one Friday at LL!), I will also share the song used for our final dance. I let hubby pick this one out, and this song has been a part of our relationship since the very beginning. He is a HUGE 311 fan, turning me into one somewhere along the way, so he won and we used their version of "Love Song" instead of The Cure's (love them though!).

Whenever I'm alone with you, 
you make me feel like I am whole again...
...However far away, I will always love you

My man called and he isn't feeling very well, but of course he still has to work late. :( I really have to stop for a second and give the hubs mad props for his extra, extra hard work lately. Busy season is beating him up in a real bad way this year. There have been lots of changes at work and he's had to pick up the slack, which you can always count on him to do! He is doing an amazing job, but he has been putting in 12-14+ hour days every day plus going in on the weekends. He is exhausted, and I hate seeing him so stressed and tired. Plus, we miss each other! If I am still awake when he gets home, he ends up falling asleep within minutes of finishing his dinner, poor guy. Of course, it all catches up to you eventually, and now he is getting sick. :( Which means it's leftover potato soup for dinner tonight instead of the red beans, rice, and sausage I was going to make. 

Speaking of potato soup, YOU MUST TRY THIS RECIPE! Seriously, to me, it tasted JUST like my mom's potato soup she would make for us when we were sick. Go ahead, surf on over to Gina's Skinny Recipe Blog and check out her Baked Potato Soup. She is my go-to girl for all "comfort foods made lighter". This recipe hit her blog just the other day, and the second I saw it on my dashboard, I knew I was making it for dinner that night. I already had almost all the ingredients and the hubs and I love Baked Potato Soup!!

**A small, but to me, very important note: At first, I made the soup exactly as she instructed, and all it had left to do was simmer a bit. But as I tasted it, it was still lacking that hearty potato soup flavor for me. I still overwhelmingly tasted the cauliflower. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but for those of you trying to trick your husbands and kiddos into eating their vegetables without missing the "comfort food" taste, it wasn't going to cut it. 

I did 2 things... and I think it is really what set this soup over the edge!!
1. I added some granulated garlic. I just eyeballed it and kept tasting as I went.

2. I also added some of the shredded sharp cheddar directly into the soup and stirred it until it melted... not only just to garnish the top. I figured this was an even (or so) swap, calorie-wise, since I did not use any of the bacon the recipe called for. I didn't have any on hand and I knew I wouldn't miss it. Instead, I topped the soup with the shredded cheddar and chives it calls for, and then just a small dollop of the light sour cream (it makes it even more so like you're eating a baked potato!).
Seriously, you are not ready for how good this soup is! Plus, can you believe there is no butter? It's a really hearty soup and you'd never be able to tell that it's soooooo much better for you than the normal potato, onion, and butter heavy soup we are all used to! You have to let me know it you try it! I am definitely adding this one to my regular meal planning!

Who's ready for a brand-spanking new Modern Family tonight? ME, me! Ooh, ooh, and Top Chef, too! :) 


Tiffani Rose

I need to check out that recipe, I love potato soup!!!!

I totally watched Modern Family and Top Chef tonight too :)

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