Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy belated xoxo Day! ...and #11

I have been an extremely bad blogger as of late. I know I am SUPER behind in blog challenge...and also a day behind on Valentine's Day...but it's all gonna get done, so I guess I am asking for a little slack, here! :) Please, also forgive me if it means this post is a little long-winded... there's lots to say!

Why Day 11? Wondering where Day 10 went? Day 10 is a picture taken of you 10 years ago. I don't have lots of pictures here at my house, so I purposely put this one off until I went to mom and dad's this past weekend. We DID look through photos, but did I scan any of them to use here at home? Nope. It's so hard to focus on anything else when I get to visit my parents. It doesn't happen often enough, so when it does, time just flies by! SO, I have decided to just move on to Day 11 and return to Day 10 once I can either a) visit mom's again or b) she is gracious enough to find one and scan it in for me! 

Day 11 is a photo taken of you recently... this one is MUCH more accessible right now. ;) Here's a picture of me on Sunday Funday a few days ago.

Okay, now back to our visit to Mesquite! It was such a good visit... AND I got to spend time with my amazing nephews! My nephew, Andrew, will be seven in June. He really cracks me up... I am constantly amazed at the things this kid says! We had both of our pups there with us, as usual. Dexter just adores Andrew. Andrew can come at him screaming and with a running start, and plop down in front of Dex without my dog wetting himself. ;) Dex will roll over on his back, wag his tail, and just let Andrew pet him.

So cute, right? My mom (Granny) was explaining to Andrew that Dexter came from a home with lots of little kids that pulled and tugged and stepped on him... and that's why Dexter can be afraid of people sometimes. Andrew comes straight up to me and says, "Aunt Sissy, does that mean Dexter gave me a chance?" ohmygosh, my heart melted right there! Cut to him a few hours later, wearing his underwear and a cape (Captain Underwear!!) while playing video games on the coffee table. He proceeds to rub his bum on said table, telling me, "Aunt Sissy, look! I am scratching my butt! But it's not gross because I am using the table, not my hands!" ...Aaah, little boys! ;) Still gross, dude. :D I also think my sister and my mom have been working him over to try and get the hubs and I to move closer to home. He asked me, "Aunt Sissy, are you going to live in that house FOREVER?" No, Andrew, eventually we will buy a house of our own. "Well, can you do me a favor, Sissy, and move CLOSER to me? I NEVER get to see you, and that's not okay." How am I supposed to argue with that? ;)

Me and Aunt Moo (my little sister, Mary) gave baby Meatball (Jackson) a bath on Friday night... and he loves bath time (yes, we are a family that uses lots of nicknames, haha). 

I mean, just LOOK at that face! What a cute little man he is... he is growing so fast! He was so funny every time I held him... he would stare at me like "Why do you look so much like my mom?" He knew I smelled different than mommy and that I wasn't actually mommy, but his furrowed eyebrows were so cute as he would just stare me down, trying to figure it all out. I lovingly began to refer to myself as "not-the-mama". ;) 

My mom came across a photo of me at Jackson's age... I swear we look exactly alike. Even when Andrew was a baby and Wendy and I went places, everyone thought he was my kid. I guess it's just one of those things that comes with being a twin! Wendy doesn't necessarily like the fact that her boys look a little more like me than her, but I keep telling her it will all be even once I have kiddos! I mean, take a look at husband... all of my kids are going to have dark hair, brown eyes, and look exactly like Wendy!

It was such a lovely weekend, and I am so glad that we got to spend it with family! Dave and I had our own Sunday Funday and sort of dubbed that our Valentine's Day celebration! We did go to dinner and to our favorite local frozen yogurt shop on actual V Day, too, so I consider all that time spent with my favorite guy a successful holiday of looove! ;) 

I will go for now... I am trying a new "skinny" Loaded Baked Potato soup tonight, and I am psyched about it! I promise I will be back sooner this time with more 30-day challenge fun and more random ramblings about the Martinez home!



Tiffani Rose

I am so glad that you had a great weekend with the fam. You were definitely missed at my house on Sunday, but I totally understand about needing some time with your man!!!! I love the 30 day challenge you are doing, I feel like I am learning so much more about you :)

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