Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I like it GREEN!

Okay, friends, welcome to my latest obsession. After the "5 Things I Can't Live Without" post, it got me really thinking about my breakfast choices. I DO like the idea of a liquid breakfast on-the-go. My Slim-Rite shakes are tasty and they definitely do the job... and they are full of vitamins and minerals. My problem is that beyond the skim milk and cocoa powder, I can't pronounce any of the other ingredients. THIS, my friends, is a real problem. I am not saying that I will abandon my beloved Slim-Rite all together, but I definitely need to find another alternative that is healthier and more natural. This was one of my 2011 goals, right? Not only being healthier, but trying to stay away from more processed foods and sticking to fresh and natural ingredients. Thanks to all the lovelies out in blogger world, I have found such an alternative, and it is UH-mazing. :) Friends, meet the "Green Monster".

Don't be intimidated by it's green hue... it's actually very delicious! It's easy to make, chock FULL of yummy goodness, antioxidants, and nutrients... and it gives you LOTS and LOTS of energy! Plus, most of the ingredients you probably have on hand, already in your kitchen!

So. let's chat about some details. First, spinach. I can hear you now, "Really, spinach? Can't you taste it?" No, you can't! Plus, what else would make it green? ;) I really think that I am dealing with a spinach addiction these days. Hubby's parents got us this small steamer contraption that goes in one of your everyday saucepans, and since then I have steamed WAY too much fresh spinach. I add it into recipes that don't even call for it (like I did last night with my "Lighter" Eggplant Parm), and if a recipe calls for the frozen stuff (psssh!), I still chop and steam my own! YUMMY! Me and Popeye should talk.

Anyway... ;) don't steam your spinach for the Green Monster and don't use frozen (it seems I am making this harder than it needs to be with all my tangents! Ah!) unless you want a chewy breakfast (ew). Here is the basic recipe, but the great thing about it is that it's foolproof and SO versatile!

       *2-3 cups fresh spinach
       *1 cup milk
       *1 banana
       *1 Tablespoon flaxseed
       *a little bit of ice

In the blender, put the 1) flax, 2) spinach, 3) milk, 4) banana (in that order) and mix away. The flax and spinach go first so the other ingredients weigh them down and it mixes better. From here you can add other frozen fruit if you like. Today, I used blueberries, but I also have some strawberries and cantaloupe in the freezer I will also use. Last, add the ice and blend on the ice setting. The flaxseed is optional, but just do it! You can get a big container of it from Wal-mart (or really just about anywhere) for relatively cheap. It doesn't affect the taste and it will give you TONS of energy! I bought ground flaxseed, just because I am so big on texture and I wanted to make sure there was no chance it was too gritty! It also helps if you pop the banana in the freezer for just a bit before mixing (Yeah, um, don't make the same mistake I did and put the banana in the freezer the night before. Duh, Yvonne, you can't get the peel off!).

One of the busy mom blogs that I follow mentioned that she makes this in larger batches and freezes them in portioned containers. This way she can grab one and place the container in warm water to de-thaw a bit while she showers. Healthy and time-efficient, I love it! :) 

As I type this, I am finishing my breakfast Monster... and it is so so yummy. Hope you try it and love it as much as I do!

...I am also going to take this opportunity to complete Day 9 of the blog challenge! So, here is a picture that I took: 

I chose this one because it reminds me of my mom, and she was the subject of yesterday's challenge, so this pic was on my mind. Plus I miss her WAY too much... excited to be going to visit with her this weekend! :) I took this picture at her house on New Year's Day while she was making breakfast. She was flipping out, telling me to get the camera... "hurry, post it on Facebook!!" She said that it's not everyday that you crack an egg and God gives you a smiley face. Plus, what a good omen for the coming year! She thought it was hilarious that the yolk "nose" even had a booger in it (ew, but really funny!). This picture was also my first for my "365" photo project I am doing in 2011... a photo for everyday.

Well, I guess that is all for now. North Texas is shut down again due to the weather... we are living in the Twilight Zone. So I am going to go grab a book and try to enjoy yet ANOTHER day off... loves to you all!


Tiffani Rose

I have seen lots of things on the green monster, but you may have just convinced me to try it. I will let you know what I think!

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