Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome {iced-in} Thursday


-watching Dave try and walk down our steep, concrete steps...while they are covered in his work shoes...carrying his lunch, coffee, and laptop. If it had been me, I would have busted it right away! Thankfully, he didn't fall, but it was quite amusing to watch him slip and slide. ;)

-watching all the other cars on the road during this icy time. Obviously, us Texans are not properly educated or equipped to be driving on ice. Last night we watched a crazy person try and gain speed to turn the corner and truck it up his driveway. He was slipping and sliding all over the place, and the lunatic still had his foot planted on the gas pedal. We were afraid for our lives!!!

-having to park one street over and carry our little weenie dogs up the icy hill to our home, all the while trying not to get run over by above crazy person. North Texas, please de-thaw! I miss work!

-having work scheduled all week, but this crazy Texas weather ruining that for me. :( No work means no pay for Mrs. Martinez, and that is a huge bummer.


-If I have to sit at home instead of working all week, at least I have had the company of my lovely husband and 2 pups. They make my world go 'round, and being stuck in this house for 3 days would have been IMPOSSIBLE without them!

-Tortillas 101. :) I will blog on this separately later, but I finally learned how to make tortillas from my mother-in-law! It was fun and they are TASTY! I can't wait to try it again on my own, without my #1 teacher's supervision! :)

-finishing my taxes this morning. COME ON, REFUND! :)


Tiffani Rose

I cannot wait for you to get confident enough to teach me to make tortillas!!!

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