Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Okay friends, I am going to try my hardest to make this short and sweet, because Day 13 is all about guilty pleasures. I am sure there's just about none of you who want to hear me ramble on about all these crazy (and slightly) embarrassing things that I hate to love! But in the spirit of blog challenge, you are going to hear all about them anyway! :D Try and get a little excited, it may not be THAT bad. ;)

Guilty Pleasure - Movies: anything Disney. :) Why is this a guilty pleasure for me? I have no kids. Yet I own the 2-disc special edition of Mary Poppins, Monsters Inc,  and many, many others. I get way too excited when I see a new "Disney vault" commercial, knowing that one of my classic VHS Disney favorites is about to be released on DVD. Don't hate - Disney rocks! And one day when I do have my own kiddos, I have a rad DVD collection to wow them with. ;)

Guilty Pleasures - Music: Anything 80's! I know, that's probably really annoying. It's not my fault I can't resist a good belting out of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" among other 80's "classics". I can't even use the excuse that I am an 80's baby... I was born halfway through the decade and spent the other half drooling and peeing my pants. Still, there are a few 80's gems that are just too awesome not to rock out on karaoke night, no matter how many dirty looks I get. ;)

Guilty Pleasures - TV: Now, here's where I expect to get most of the eye-rolls. Trust me, I wish I didn't find myself drawn to this... but when you work for the school district and you 
have all summer off, occasionally it's easy to find yourself being sucked in to the trash reality TV. So there it is, I like the "Real Housewives", sue me. New York was my fav, and I have also watched New Jersey and some of Beverly Hills. Atlanta is too ghetto for me (how can that even be possible, right? They are all pretty ghetto, haha) and I am just not interested in mixing politics with all the drama in the D.C. installment. Yes, I also watched Bethenny Getting Married and you know what? I bet I watch Bethenny Ever After in a few weeks when it starts, too. Sigh, how embarrassing. ;) But it is what it is, and I will hold my head high! ;)

Guilty Pleasure - Food: Ugh, don't you wish that we could all have an automatic aversion to things that aren't good for us? Sadly, though, it's generally the opposite. I don't eat fast food very often (who can anymore? it sure does reek havoc on your digestive system), but if I am really in the mood for fast food or it's a last minute ditch effort to eat before having to be somewhere... long live Bueno. :( I feel gross and greasy even saying it, haha, but I do have a fondness for a party burrito now and again. Someone remind me why I am sharing my deep, dark food secrets with blogger world, again? 

So there you have it, some of my guilty pleasures. It's a gorgeous day outside... I am thinking of running some errands even though I really don't have any reason for said errands. I just wanna get out of this house and into the beautiful weather! The hubs is working again today (ooh, I so hate it when work weasels it's way into our weekends), so I am determined to keep myself busy and have a little bit of fun solo time on this lovely day! :) See you all soon!

What are some of YOUR guilty pleasures?
Come on, spill it. Share with me so I feel a little less foolish. ;)Photobucket



You are soooo wrong, silly girl - I READ IT! And...your 'guilty pleasure' of Taco Bueno = one of my biggest, as well! I, too, feel AWFUL admitting that...but its the truth :/. I dunno what I DID before I discovered Mexi-Dips & Chips, ha ha! Yum, yum, and YUM! And its quick, convenient, cheap, and OPEN LATE! Erghe. Oh well...we all have our faults, right?! You just keep on loving your lil pleasures tho, cause they're TOTALLY not bad...AT ALL! Oh, & justa fyi...28 days til a certain lil concert...and we can relish in another one of those lil pleasures ;). And ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!

Tiffani Rose

I LOVE the Housewives!!!! And I love it even more that my hubby will watch some of them with me :) I especially LOVE Atlanta, becauase all their "ghetto-ness" makes for some fun drama-filled moments!!

My guilty pleasure (tv) would be Jersey Shore ;) I love it!!!

Yvonne Martinez

UH, Dave and I totally watch Jersey Shore, too. ;) I was just trying not to sell him out, haha! ;)


I totally watch the real housewives. I know it's shameful lol, but I am not very dramatic in real life, so I get my drama fix watching all those ladies go crazy!

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