Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Thursday again! :)

Time for another Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-getting absolutely no sleep during the night, and it's not even the understandable and standard, "my kid was up all night crying" or whatever. Nope. "My dog wouldn't let me sleep." I swear Dexter is so high maintenance sometimes that it's kinda embarrassing. ;)

-a high school student yesterday glancing in my direction and saying, "You look really pretty today!" As soon as I swoon and say, "THANK YOU!", I look over and realize she is talking to the girl next to me. Whatever, I look pretty, too. ;)

-"I agree with sponge hair, square chin." Laugh out loud moment (me and hubs BOTH) from Glee on Tuesday. Awkward Spongebob reference made by Sue Sylvester about Will, the Glee Club instructor. We thought it was hilarious.

-potato soup this week. I know, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY!!! Okay, I will. ;) It ends with A&A today, I promise. Seriously, though, try this soup! I froze the bit we had left into portion-size containers for another time and I am already looking forward to it. :)

-I know I went on for a bit yesterday about D and his hard work... well, I am grateful to say that God provides exactly when you need it! They are really doing the right thing and taking care of him... and us... to make all this time spent away from home worth it. It's definitely an unexpected blessing and super awesome! :D

-My newly-discovered menu-planning tools! For those of you who struggle with menu planning and the dreaded "what are we having tonight?" syndrome, head on over the The Saucy Kitchen Blog and check out her new and oh-so-helpful Menu Planning Resources! I am going to start using her monthly meal planner, but she also has weekly ones as well. She really gives you an organized way to look at your menu planning, while using what you have in the pantry/freezer. You can also change the categories she uses to make it work for your kitchen, but I LOVE the idea of a "pasta night", or a "freezer night", "Meatless Mondays", or "Grillin' Thursdays". I really think that sort of consistency will work for me! "Okay, it's Tuesday, so I know I am pulling a meal out of the freezer" kinda thing. I think it will also help me to come up with menu ideas if I am trying to think of meals for specific categories. It should also help me focus my grocery shopping even more! This is just the first week I am attempting it, but I love the idea and I think it will really help me mix things up! Especially since I have been trying all of these new recipes that I love and want to add to my regular cooking schedule. 

Today I am linking up with Tiffani from Thoughts from Tiffani! :)


Tiffani Rose

I am so happy that it worked for you to link up :)

I am so glad that they are going to take care of D! I am going to check out the meal planning blog ASAP cuz I need some help.

And you are very pretty too ;)


So I popped on over from Tiff's, and thanks for the meal plannin blog. Excited to look at that.

I'm sad the link thing on her page didn't work for me :(


Hi - it's Jess from TSK. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. And if anyone is having trouble with the links, make sure you try to download via the Resources tab.

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