Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7 - I do realize it's late!

You'd think with all the extra time I've had lately due to the weather that I wouldn't be sooo far behind on this 30-day challenge! Even though hubby has been working he has been at home, so let's use that as my excuse! ;) Plus I've been so exhausted these past few days and just haven't had the motivation to blog. Even typing this now, I wish I was napping, but that's a bad idea with work tomorrow so let's get on with this fun instead. :)

Day Seven is about 5 things you just can't live without. I could list the obvious (and mushy ;D) most important things in my life, but I know that I gush about David and my pups often enough as it is. So let's get these staples out of the way and then I will list a few fun things... 1. God... 2. my main man Mr. David Martinez... 3. my amazing family... 4. my cute lil pups... 5. the best friends a girl could ask for! These five things are my entire world... I am so grateful that all of them are a huge part of my life. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things and people that surround me... I truly could not ask for more!

Okay, so let's talk a bit more literally now! Things I love, love, love and wouldn't want to go a day without...

1. Biosilk - It's been so many years, I can't even remember when I started using this little gem on my hair! I have thin hair as it is, so many products make my hair too oily. Just a bit of this, and my frizzies are tamed and my hair is soft and shiny! It's not the cheapest "de-frizz" product on the market, but even a small bottle lasts me quite awhile. It's a product I use every, single day... otherwise my naturally curly look would poof out something ridiculous!! I am definitely grateful for Biosilk Silk Therapy!

2. Earrings - Whether it's a pair of studs, hoops, or something fancy and cute to match my outfit, I never, ever leave home without a pair of earrings in my ears. They bring personality to a quick ponytail, accent my outfit, and overall they just make me feel more complete... more "ready to go". On the few occasions that I have run out of the house without some, I spend the day fidgeting with my earlobes... it just feels so unnatural not to have earrings on!

3. Lip Balm/Gloss - Specifically, Softlips is one of my absolute favorites. I have several tubes in various pockets of my purse, at least one by my bedside, and who knows how many others strewn about our home and my car. Reapplying has almost become a nervous habit! I will keep a tube in my pocket at work and find myself mindlessly putting on more... even though I did the same only 5 minutes ago! Personal preference: I don't like the tinted Softlips. Even their darkest shade turns out extremely pale on my lips, and it just looks silly.

4. My phone - I have never owned a Smartphone before, and having one now makes me wonder how I ever made it through life without one! ;) Seriously, though, Hubby and I each got a Droid 2 in September 2010 as wedding anniversary gifts for each other, and I just a.d.o.r.e. mine. I am notorious for getting lost (even with directions), so I love being able to simply speak the address into my phone and it maps out navigation directions from my current location. It's a little computer in my pocket, and that makes me happy. :) It takes great pictures, has apps to organize my life and track my grocery shopping, etc. And let us not forget the awesomeness of Angry Birds and Wordfeud. :) :)

5. Slim-Rite Shakes - Specifically, Strawberries and Cream and Chocolate Royale. I am not really a breakfast person, but the importance of that first meal of the day is not lost on me. My answer? A breakfast shake. I have to stress, I like the Kroger brand pictured here much better than actual Slimfast. I am not sure why, but it is what it is. At any rate, I have one of these every morning. For 3 WW points, and I get some dairy in my morning to go alongside my banana or whatever else I manage to choke down too early in the morning (did I mention I am not a breakfast person?). It's quick, tasty, full of vitamins, and it does the job of making sure I start my day with a well-balanced breakfast. 

Just because I can't resist, here is a quick 6. books! Life would just not be the same if I weren't able to immerse myself in a good book now and again... or more often than I really have time for. ;)

Aaaah, it's all about appreciating the simple things in life. 



Tiffani Rose

I love earrings too! I need more in my collection though! We should go earring shopping sometime :)

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