Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 3 - Moody Melodies

I love music. It's the cure for everything.

I mean, it really is. No matter my mood, there is always an appropriate song. If I need to be drug out of said mood, there is most definitely a song for that. Truly, music is such a huge part of my life, and I really will listen to just about anything...  and I can appreciate any type of music or song that makes me feel something. I hate the idea of having to narrow down my music tastes to a few tunes, when there is no possible way to encompass everything I love by choosing 2 or 3 songs. Since we all know I am not any good at the pick "a" favorite with this whole challenge thing, here is my own mini playlist. A compilation of songs I like to listen to for when I am feeling a certain way. Because, really, there is no way to pick an actual favorite song. Never mind. I am not doing a mini playlist with songs for every mood. I started running through my music collection the past few days trying to narrow it down, and I found myself stuck on a single group. Here is something I love, even though it's such a small part of vast amount of music I enjoy. So, don't judge my taste in music by the following songs, but instead view it as a drop in the musical bucket. 

This artist/group not only has a song for my every mood, feeling, and moment, but I can track my love for them right along side my relationship with husband. He introduced me to them, and we have loved them together throughout the years. I do have several friends that don't share my love for these guys, but mostly, I am just sad for those that can't appreciate the goodness (although I completely respect their right to have their own musical tastes). ;) There is something so sexy about the harmonica. When the lead vocalist can play his funky guitar and the harmonica while crooning away, add the upright bassist and it just doesn't get any groovier. G. Love and Special Sauce will forever be my favorite go-to band for awesome music. We have seen them in concert many countless times, and even hung out with these amazingly cool peeps in the green room and on their tour bus.

I pretty much love everything they have ever done, but I will try and narrow it down to just a few to check out. My first pick is just a feel-good song with a good message and some especially groovy harmonica parts... "Peace, Love, Happiness" from their "Superhero Brother" album (also check out the title song on this album).

"Breathe in deep, feel your heart beat, just to know that life's worth living. Feel your feet on the earth, you better love it while it's still here spinning. I've got no time to worry about troubles or misgivings. You need to let it flow, let yourself go, 'cause if you're hating than you sure ain't living....gimmie some peace, love, happiness."

One of my first favorites of theirs was "Sunshine". It's an all acoustic tune, which I absolutely a.d.o.r.e. The first show I ever went to with David, they played with a band called Slightly Stoopid. At the end of both sets, G. Love and the lead singer of Slightly Stoopid brought out their acoustics and did a set alone on stage... it was amazing, and they  played this song. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a decent Youtube video of this song unless it's someone else's slideshow with it in the background. Boo. Check it out, though, it's a great song. Love the harmonica in this one, as well.
"Don't care what we do, as long as I'm with you, every little thing's gonna be alright. I can't get enough, I wanna eat you up, wanna have you for dinner leftovers for lunch." ;)

One of my favorites to hear live at their shows is "Cold Beverages". I even sport my "I like cold beverages" tee now and again. It's so groovin' and tons of fun to sing in the audience at the show.  "Before you serve my drink, please stick it in the fridge..."

I suppose I should stop here. But just for good measure, also check out "The Hustle" (Hustle album),  "Gimmie Some Lovin" (Philadelphonic album), and "Beautiful" (Lemonade album, featuring Tristan Prettyman). 

Other favorite bands/musicians, again, for good measure: Cold War Kids, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Cake, Coheed & Cambria, Justin King, and  Chris Cornell.
Gee, I am not very good at this "favorite" business, am I? Leave it me to reinterpret the challenge in my own way. ;) At any rate, it's all good music.


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