Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for another Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

**Disclaimer: mushy, mush, mush, mush.... it just so happens that most of my "awesomes" from this past week are mostly all about husband. :) I mean, I am pretty sure we all think our hubbies are awesome, and it just so happens that this past week there were countless moments where I just stopped and thought, "Man, he is so awesome. I am unbelievably blessed to have this man ALL for me!" ;) There, you have been warned!

-having a 3rd grader tell me, "Mrs. Martinez! I love your hair! It's like 3 different colors!" We are not talking about cool-looking highlights, either. We are talking about the time for covering up roots is beyond overdue. Thanks-so-much for pointing THAT out, little one. ;) Gotta love the blatant honesty of kiddos. 

-walking out of a classroom in one of the middle or high schools, making a wrong turn, and finding myself lost and disoriented. Ugh. I mean, I guess it's understandable since I am at different schools everyday, but it's so embarrassing to walk down a dead-end hall, get to the end and have to turn around and walk past all those teachers and students again. Most of them probably don't even notice me, but it makes me *feel* so darn foolish!

-both of my pups absolute refusal to go to the bathroom on the grass. Apparently, our covered patio provides shade from the elements and no cold or wet grass on their tummies. As a result, I find myself sweeping/power-washing the patio on a stinking daily basis. Before people can come over, WAIT, D... we have to clean the patio... grrr. Spoiled weenies.

-Husband "crashing" girl's night. His buds were all busy, so he ended up staying at the house while I had the girls over. He was content hiding out in the bedroom, but the ladies love him too and requested he join in our little games. :) He even waited on my ladies and took such good care of all of us... our own little cabana boy. Love him. :)

-Shopping with husband. I am sure he doesn't find shopping with me quite as awesome, however. ;) But whenever I take the hubs w/ me to shop for something, he walks in, picks out a few things for me, and voila! I always end up loving and buying something from his stack versus anything I have picked out for myself. We had a "cowboy-themed" holiday party to go to, so we went to find something with a little country flare. Nothing too crazy, though... it's not really our style. ;) Here, aren't we cute? 

-and to make our awesome shopping trip even more awesome: I had a gift card with a lil bit o cash on it, a 15% off coupon, and we found husband's shirt on clearance for $8.40. Total cost to us, less than $15. Score.

-Hubby dying my roots. :) I mean, come on, after that 3rd grader incident, it HAD to be done! I have had friends do my roots in the past, and despite best intentions, there is inevitably a spot missed. My man, being a perfectionist just like me (another one of the many, many reasons he stole my heart), gets it done quickly AND my hair looks awesome! Good, good man. :)

-this picture. How cute is he? He was a little musician long before he strummed his way into my life. :) Gotta love his Mickey Mousegetar. I wonder what song he was crooning into the camera at this very moment? This is hubs Facebook profile picture, and I swear I fall in love with him all over again every single time I see it. I love my man; he gives me so many "awesome" moments in our lives together. 


Tiffani Rose

Dave is the best!!

The good thing to walking down the hall the wrong way, is that you are loved by all the schools in your district and that you are constantly changing schools :)

I am so glad that you have started this with me :)

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