Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, this is a weekend wrap-up on a Tuesday. :) But that's because Monday was a busy one and I barely got all my photos uploaded yesterday. So Tuesday it is. :)

Friday night we spent out in Mesquite. It was a very special occasion! 

Not only did my little brother celebrate his 21st birthday, we also celebrated his recent accomplishment: he is officially a minister! He still has 2 years of school left before he will be "ordained", but he is working HARD and I am so proud of him!

Golly, he's SO much taller than me!!

Saturday we spent the day at my twin's new house! It's soooo lovely, and I am pumped that her little family finally has some room to grow! Jackson is crawling all over the place, and Andrew already has friends in the neighborhood! It's such a perfect house for them! This video of little Meatball rocking out on the Jumperoo absolutely makes my day!! He went at it for a solid 20 minutes and STILL didn't want to nap after, even though I am sure he was exhausted!

Sis and I started the day by doing Jillian's 30-day Shred video. We made it through, but oh it was a beating! After only a couple of hours, I could already feel the soreness setting in - I knew I was going to be hurting on Sunday!!

Mom and I spent the day at Sis' waiting for the cable guy (who never came) while Sis had a jewelry party to get to (she is doing SO WELL selling Park Lane!!). Her boys are amazing, though, so mom and I certainly didn't mind hanging out with them all day!

My honey and I had planned on having a quick dinner with Sis and BIL then heading back home, but that just didn't happen! We were having such a blast with my family, we ended up staying and crashing on their couch for the night! 

Sunday, when we finally made it back to our side of town, still needed to be a productive day. I had dreaded laundry to do, and we needed to go grocery shopping for the week. So we did it. Blah. We ended our evening with leftover Messy Giuseppes, Chimay Blue, and the Mavs! 

I didn't burn the edges of the bread this time! ;)

I didn't even mind so much that the Mavs lost! It was a close game the whole time, and we've had our fair share of squeaking by with the win this post-season. Looking forward to watching them tonight! 

Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Porkchops are on the menu for tonight!

Stay tuned: I will share our Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos (low-cal!) from last night very soon! 



AHH Chimay!! One of my favorites!! So glad someone else appreciates it like I do :) Sounds like a fun weekend with the fam!


Awwww...Meatball.....gotta love it.


So if your brother is going to be a minister, does that mean you get a free pass to Heaven? If so, I would be working that to my advantage and doing all Sorts of naughty things!!!

anthony stemke

Congrats on your brothers vocation. That toasted french bread slices concoction sure looked good and the Chimay, oye what can I say, heavenly beverage.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. You now have a new follower, too! Hope you're having a fantastic week!


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