Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun and Games!

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting a blogfest today that's all about our favorite games!! With summertime upon us, playtime is here! Whether it be board games, card games, or video games - games are a great way to spend quality time with the people I love most! 

Isn't it funny how everything is about the technology now? We go to my parent's house and "family time" is all playing golf together on the Wii. We really do have a blast and enjoy each other's company, but I thought for today I would focus on some classic favorites... ones that don't require being plugged in! ;)

Mill Bornes Card Game
I am sure there are several of you who have never even heard of this game, but it's tons of fun! It's a "car game", for lack of a better phrase. You go on a trip and as you draw cards, you have to play a "roll" card to go, and play your mileage to get to the end of the road. Other players can throw speed limits on you, give you a flat tire, etc to keep you from getting to the end of your trip first.

This game means so much to me because I always played it with my nana and papa. I can hear my nana singing in the background, "Rollin', rollin', rollin'. Keep them doggies rollin" every time she played a "roll" card. I might need to get into her attic and see if we can track this one down -  I need to introduce hubby to the awesomeness that is Mill Bornes!


This one is familiar to just about everyone, no? Although now they have the SpongeBob version and several others, the original was always a favorite of mine and my twin's. She was much better at getting the funny bone out than I was. 

I love that this is a classic game I can still play with my nephews. It may not have tons of little gadgets, bells, and whistles... but it's still good, clean fun!

Here's a more current favorite for ya. Hubby and I love playing dominoes. This is another game we go to my parents and play with them (or my sister and brother-in-law). It's a standard party game when we have people over for grilling during the summer. Its concept is easy enough if you can count by fives ;), and we also like playing "teams". 

All of this game talk has put me in the mood for a little competition! Guess I will have to bring out the dominoes this evening and talk my man into playing a few rounds with me! Happy Monday, all!!



I LOVE Mille Bornes! I used to play it all the time with my dad when I was a kid!


Alex J. Cavanaugh

That first one would be perfect for long road trips.
Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

M Pax

I love all those games. We used to play Mill Borne a lot. Great game. Forgot about that one.

Kittie Howard

I'm dropping in from the fest. Nice to meet you. That car game sounds like lots of fun!!

Arlee Bird

Never heard of the Mill Borne game. Dominoes is a great game though--used to play it a lot. Then if you didn't want to play the game you could always set up a chain reaction to knock down.

Tossing It Out

Dorothy Evans

Never heard of the first one,sounds like it could make long journey more fun though. Loved dominoes. I was useless at operation - good job I never became a surgeon!


Milles Bornes! Another classic game that I forgot about it. Right of way played as a coup-fourre!

Dominoes is a cool game too. I never liked operation much. My fingers aren't steady enough to be a surgeon. ;)

Thanks for blogfesting!

Ai Mei

Hi! The only game listed I've played is operation, and that was years ago, lol. I'm a new follower via Google Friend Connect. :) Found you through the Blog Hop! :) Hopefully you can stop by!

-Ai Mei

20 York Street

Gotta admit, I don't know the first one! I do love Monopoly! Does Snakes and Ladders count?


I'm Back!
Please come say hello!
Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street


I'm such a party-pooper but I really don't like games. I know, I'm weird. But I hope that you enjoy yours!
Your Friend, m.

Dawn @ Just Married with Coupons

What a cute blog!! Thanks so much for hopping with us! We are your new followers too! We love Operations too! A truly fun and classic game!


LOVE operation I have the original, shrek and the simpson's versions


Mille Bornes!!!!! We used to have that game! Forgot all about it. I used to get so frustrated, tho. Accidents, stops.....could never get the fix-it card while my opponent just racked up the miles. LOL.

Great looking blog! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole Zoltack

Dominoes and Operation, two great games! Haven't played either in ages. My hubby is in the medical profession and for his birthday one year during college, a friend got him the Simpsons version of Operation. Just might have to get it out and play it soon. :)

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