Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cheapest Satur-Date Ever!!

If you know me anything about me, you know how much I love a good bargain. I derive some sort of manic excitement over saving money... I might have a problem. ;)

Hubby and I recently had a free Saturday.... what? A FREE Saturday? Yes, it doesn't happen often. At any rate, he remembered that months ago, we had purchased a Groupon for a wine-tasting for 2. It was a gorgeous day to be in downtown Grapevine, so off we went!

When we got down there, there was a sweet little outdoor craft fair going on, but D said we would stop by after our tasting. Unfortunately, everyone was all packed up and gone by that point, but I guess that's okay. :(

We each did a wine tasting, we shared a fruit/cheese platter, AND we got to take home a bottle of Merlot... all for around $15. :)

I love wineries... such a beautiful aesthetic! 

I ran into some of my "kin" while we were there. ;)

D playing with my camera ;)

What is a concrete cell doing in the middle of downtown Grapevine?

We found this at a small little shop and HAD to get it!! :)
After our downtown adventures, we'd planned to head to the AMC over in Grapevine because we had some free movie passes (told ya it was a cheap day!).

I had recently done a Market Research study, so I had $40 in gift certificates to Chili's... good thing there is one at Grapevine Mills! We were starving, so we headed over there for some free lunch and beverages. 

I guess I didn't really think we would be walking all that much, and by this point my oh-so-cute wedges were giving me killer pinky-toe blisters. D was nice enough to let me detour by the Old navy in the mall and get myself some $2 flippies... my toes were so grateful. :)

Then we went for gelato. GELATO....yum. That may have been one of my favorite parts of the day, but I was too busy inhaling it to snap a photo. ;) Trust me, it was gooood.

Our last stop of the day: seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with our free tickets. Little did we know, the Grapevine Mills AMC has gotten quite the face-lift. Our movie was only being shown in their new "cinema suites". For only a few dollars (no biggie since we already had free tickets) we got to watch Johnny Depp on the big screen while lounging in electric recliners. With adult beverages. And complementary Caramel Corn. With hot, fresh towels to clean your hands with at the end of the movie. It was epic. :)

Wow, what a perfect day! Who says you gotta have lots of cash-ola to have a great time? And time like that spent with my honey? Priceless. :) 

Hubby's birthday is this weekend, so I am looking forward to more quality time with him and some of our favorite people! We will be shooting off fireworks, doing some swimming, and enjoying the outdoors! He has such a great birthday - there's always celebrating going on 4th of July weekend!



Sounds like a lovely outing.

Jessica Renee

Wow that sounds like the best date! And cheap too? PERFECT! :) Glad y'all had such a great time!


Wow, you are a cheap date! But good for you. I love a deal too. We wait a month and then go to the $2 movies. Popcorn/soda deal, another $2.00 each. I can take all the kids out for an afternoon for $20.00.
However, I think I would rather go to a Wine Tasting. Your Jealous Friend, m.


Awwww, I love a cute couple!


Found you through the Hop Along Friday blog hop. I am really enjoying reading your "ramblings" so I am your new follower #106. Can't wait to look around some more and following along on your new adventures.


I just wanted to stop by, since I haven't it awhile, and invite you to my weekend hop open tonight thru Sunday. I hope you will come by and link up! If not, I hope you have a great weekend!

Orangies Attic

I love adult beverages at the movies! HA! Newly following from Hop Along Friday... come see me! Orangies Attic

B and B

Wow! What a day! That sounds so utterly fantastic! Where can I get me one of those recliner-movie-free-caramel-corn kinda things?

Krafty Max Originals

Hop'pin by from 'It's Almost Friday Blog Hop'. I'm following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

Krafty Max Originals

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